Pisces New Moon conjunct Chiron, Mars/Saturn retrograde, Mercury Direct


Our New Moon in Pisces suggests that we open ourselves
to an unusually gentle positive potential,
it’s just that it might hurt.

Chiron, the Sun and the Moon sextile Pluto,
and channel the Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto T-Square, Pisces style.
A mystery with significant ramifications begins?
Is something revealed?

The past and the present swirl
Saturn suspends judgment
Mercury delivers the letter.
Mars, his cards face down, folds his hand.

We may have already been hurt,
and just now understand.

In Pisces, even as something comes towards you,
there is always an element slipping away

Keep asking questions, don’t close the door.
One mans trash is another man’s…
what are we talking about here?

What do we find out?


This is the beginning before the beginning,

there WILL be a New Moon in Aries
wait a bit,
plus, to set it in stone…
that the third time… when Saturn goes direct and passes over the same territory,
that my friend, is the charm.

Mars goes back to fight old battles,
but honestly he is unsure of how to proceed.
Waltzing backwards through minefields…
I’ll post about it soon

Can you take on something new in an old way?
I mean, with ties to the past, and yet branch in a new direction?



Open yourself to the big picture.
I don’t mean the one with maps and arrows,
or the one which suggests if you do ~that~
a reasonable timeline for expectation of outcome is ~this~
Not that kind of big picture.

A picture where you see you are a molecule made of molecules
dancing in limitless space,
an infinite continuum of living vibrations,
inseparably made of light
that we neither originate nor finalize in any lasting sense.

We participate, &
as experience shapes our perceived reality,
move where the door seems to open in front of us.


Do start something, Something Ethereal

Do you have something to offer?
or someone to offer it to?

Being right is not nearly so important as being kind.

The elements count in this, offer what you have to anyone
Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Living, Dead,

Love YOU!!!


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