Pisces Full Moon Eclipse 2016



Fully in the Eclipse Zone now,
and though Mars/Uranus and Mercury/Pluto aspects are not widely regarded as beneficial they are far and away the best things we have going, that and Venus sextile Mars, plus a smidgen of a Jupiter/Saturn sextile.

Bring it! Reject the past, use your penetrating mind to perceive the message behind the message,
AND feel free to not become obsessed with that message.

You get to decide what is meaningful.
People’s past actions are a damn fine predictor of their future choices, and this particularly is no time at all for dispensing outdated 2nd chances.

Move on, move up, move out.


Solidify your links to future progress.

Take steps now, or handle the ones you are forced in to.

Have you noticed that your energy has returned?
If nothing else, in the form of frustration.

It should be possible, suddenly, and with some effort, to have desire meet result.
It’s not a precision game. There are accidents and hold ups, but your opponent’s hand is tipping, you can spot what you need coming toward you, particularly if you try.


What does the Pisces Full Moon Eclipse on Chiron hold?

Potential accidents, surprises, realities beyond your control.
Outbursts of temper. Delays, unjust setbacks, and the glimmer of hope.
An ending.

The seductive lure of old patterns (if you are into that sort of thing) and a chance to kick your fantasy life in the nuts wherever you find it debilitates your actual growth.

Some awareness of you what you can control, (you!) and what you can not (other people!) is arriving via display method.
Resist the urge to prove who you are or are not, resist the urge to prove, well, anything at all.
Narrow your focus in the face of the big, messy, emotional, blur.

Letting go and opening up to the reality you are already in is so currently à la mode.

Inherent in the ending, you guessed it!
A beginning.

Don’t let anything lull you into thinking you can camouflage your defects or idiosyncrasies,
from these quirks come your best and deepest knowledge, and with knowledge, strength.

There is a lot of energy here and it’s yours to use.

Try to breathe through it, we may be going over the waterfall,
We SO ARE going over the waterfall, might as well enjoy it.

Our Eclipse takes place on Friday September 16th at 24 degrees Virgo/Pisces.

Love YOU!!!!!



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