Pisces Full Moon Conjunct Chiron, September 8, 2014


Looks like a tear-jerker that will settle some scores.
Settle is too strong a word. It implies complete resolution.

There will be some culminations, & eye-openers,
but fish swim off, away in a vast sea,
Water seeps through even the tightest crack.

Leaky eyes?

Full Moons are always a moment to see that we have come this far.
and unfortunately sometimes no farther…

I watched this today and cried like a baby,
because if only for this year those whales will be free from fear.


A thirty year achievement. How is that for Saturn/Neptune?
Compassionate/selfless ideals at work? New rules for the ocean?

Our Full Moon takes place at 16 degrees Pisces/Virgo
With the Moon itself conjunct Chiron at 15 degrees Pisces.

Your individual flawed and beautiful humanity is visible.
The beauty is in the consciousness, the attempt.

The trine to Saturn at 18 degrees Scorpio is strong.
truth and consequences
whether holding or letting go.

You have to be who you are…
And Yet, who are you?

Dualism of the individual is close to the heart of it.

an absent minded drunk or a family man?
Depends who you ask.

Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac: two fish, two directions.
The possibilities that endings have to offer…

Sun in Virgo is double as well
Saint and sinner trading places?
Could it matter on which side of the telescope you place your eye?

{Consider that our next Full Moon in October will be relationship high drama!
Moon Conjunct Uranus in Aries
with the Sun in Libra! Cardinal T-square, Heads Up!
A Grand trine in FIRE comes with, Moon/Mars/Jupiter!!!}

With that in mind,
let this one flow through you.

Today and tomorrow,
look around under the soft, bright, luminescence,

Mercury is opposite Neptune, if you place reality in a box,
she leaks like light under the door…

Love YOU!!!!


dictionary of obscure sorrows

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