Pisces Full Moon, August 29, 2015


What appears right in front of your face
in order to call attention to how disappeared it is?

Smoke and a smoking gun.


Sequester your favorite intoxicant,
fortify yourself with or without.

movies, sex, dreams
go along for the ride?

Full Moon in Pisces coming on.


To do list:

1) Cultivate a quiet escape.


Scattered? Spread too thin?

Sacrifice so intrinsic as to be invisible?

Admission to humanity, permission to fail?
A request to be forgiven?

Don’t try to solve the problem with your mind only.
Use the hit of insight, to make the emotional jump.

Don’t prevent yourself from knowing what you actually know.

Gratitude for every massive & infinitesimal step.


Our Pisces Full Moon is wrapping things up in an endless way… to ensure they go on forever.

It’s not the beginning.
It’s what comes before,
what about entanglements you have already just begun?
Or have you?

It’s messy.

See the past with clear color stained eyes.

As happens every month, Our Sun opposes our Moon.

Use your internal reality to illuminate your daily life,
or the other way ’round…

Feeling the price of love for what it is.

Love which costs everything,
which provides every illumination.

and yet,

Something is happening underneath whatever is happening.


Pisces to Virgo:
From telescope to periscope, to microscope,
& round the cycle back in a whiplash flash.


Lost in a whole.

A whole what?
A whole everything.


This Lunation is full of Marriages.
Venus backs into Mars, where they inconjunct Pluto and trine Uranus.
that sounds rather intimate

Who needs to be seen, and would love to hide?

Neptune conjuncts the Moon for extra slipperiness, & true illusions.

Saturn in Scorpio provides the last ditch chance feeling.
Last chance to connect.
Breathe easy, panic has never looked good on anyone.

If you have something to say, say it, freely.

Jupiter expands the Sun (and by opposition the Moon)
Mercury and the North Node think ahead.

Not one casual thing.

It’s a spare, message rich sky.
Read into it.


Love YOU!!!!


************** ******************** ******************

~ Undoing

Unfamiliar with the logic of the physical world,
As a kid I did not understand repair.

My mother warned,
If you break that lamp

We can’t replace it, but I couldn’t believe her.
The world can’t be that stingy,

Not the same world of tulips erupting from bulbs,
Moths emerging from cocoons, smooth upholstery

Cradling my cheek in the backseat of my father’s Chevy
Driving back roads to supper clubs, cornflake-crusted

Fried chicken, doughy dinner rolls, so much food
I had to push the plate away. There must be

A scientific process by which something broken
Can be restored entirely, the mistake undone, nothing lost.

Today a commercial tells me that a fire in one room
Can damage a whole house. A woman drapes a shawl

Over a space heater and it announces flames.
I have littered the past year with anxiety,

And it is spilling over into the rest of the house.
Taking it on, my cat breaks a figurine on the vanity.

Make it like it never happened, the commercial promises.
Even if I glued the shards together, I would comprehend

The fissures webbing the porcelain, the pressure points of weakness,
Which is my undoing.

Having broken many things
In my life, I have grown to accept

We could undo anything if only we could forget.

-James Cihlar via Saturn Rising ~

Only what I have lost is what I possess forever.
-Rachel Bluwstein

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