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It turns out divine, insane, magic, boutique perfumery Strange Invisible Perfumes
has Zodiac Perfumes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What?!!???!!!

How deeply and ardently do I want to smell all twelve!
Can you tell I <3 perfume? According to an article in The Spiel by Claire Butler
Alexandra Balahoutis in 2000, has launched a limited edition fragrance collection inspired by the cosmos. And these new odeurs are way heavenly.

“I see the constellations of the zodiac as a palette of twelve mysterious essences,” said Balahoutis. “Like botanical essences, their content is complex and elusive.”

Having consulted world-renowned aromatherapist and author Mindy Green, she selected ingredients that echo, honor and balance the essences of each governing constellation.

“We all have more than one sign,” Balahoutis added. “I think there is an overt and fascinating correlation between the layers of constellations within a person’s natal chart, and the defining layers of a perfume composition. This is why I encourage people to wear the astrological perfume they most admire, rather than feeling limited to their sun sign.”

Oh Oh! What sign would you wear!??

To get the Astrological Perfumes, you must call the Boutique!

They have been getting seriously good reviews!

Strange Invisible Perfumes is one of the best ever perfume companies. Seriously.
I have adored their Aquarian Roses, Epic Gardenia and Lady Day perfumes, They also have one called Narcotic, how tempting!

That’s the Newsflash!


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