New Moon in Taurus, April 26, 2017


A jolt today as we head through the dark of the Aries Moon, to arrive at the New Moon in Taurus on the 26th of April.

Some Mercury style retrograde surprise information arrives to shape the situation.
What’s next?

Gemini Mars collects and scatters energy.
Plenty to do, but hard to focus.

The New Moon in Taurus gives us a bold beginning, a chance to bring a new concept to life, particularly in regard to finances, possessions, self-care, or material wealth.


What do you value, and where will that take you?

Not all the facts are known, not even close, still, it’s a clean shot at a reboot, AND I do think there is some luck in it!

I know, I know, what if you lose your job, or the opportunity you have been trying to coax to life?!

That’s not impossible, but I really DO think there is quite a bit of good here.

This moment is a doorway, and it comes with a view of where you need to go!

The Sun/Moon/North Node/Mercury/Saturn/Uranus, all working together to tip the scales in a particular direction.

It should be somewhat obvious where you go with it, even if it comes down to a smaller multiple choice question within the larger framework.

Venus sextiles Mars, and both of them send a jolt to the North Node, while the rest of the sky activates it with a more easy energy. Jupiter still retrograde here, but ruled by Venus who is fully in the mix.

Money is a topic. She makes things happen. Influence matters, assistance is possible. If you need someone to vouch for you, to stand up for you, to help you, ASK.

When you set your New Moon intentions, go tangible, BIG, and specific!

Take action.
This is where the year begins to bend into something less amorphous.

The entire month of May is absolutely WILD.
You’ll see!!

Get ready, do your part!
Set yourself in motion.

Love YOU!!!!



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Saturn in Sagittarius squares Venus conjunct Chiron in Pisces


Saturn in Sagittarius squares Venus conjunct Chiron in Pisces, and it does this endlessly and forever. I mean,

The full on hard core square lasts almost a week.

In this week we have our Pluto station, Pluto is retrograde as of today. Heavy heavy Pluto, he adds an underpinning of Lizard Brain compulsion to any proceedings, while the Sun and Mercury move to Taurus, Values, Wealth. Mars moves to Gemini April 21st. A clever work around? One can hope!

While Venus/Chiron puts our specialness at perceived risk, (Who is feeling inadequate?) the question becomes “What do you have, what do you have, what do you have?”
What do you have ~ really~ and what is it worth?

What are you worth?

What can you use to get more?

What have you learned about gathering resources?
What alliances bring you wealth and money?
What kind of wealth do you have, and how can you use it?

Some of these energetics may enact as idealogical issues,
Sagittarius vrs Pisces stlye.

For example exclusion/rejection based on nationality, as in the first Dreamer Deportation

Saturn square Venus is desire and rejection as much as it is anything. Remember that squares are active aspects, which means that the planets themselves are wrestling as combinations. Real love, real value, real money, wrestles lack of money, lack of love, lack of value. Loneliness. They wrestle to express these thoughts.

With Venus/Saturn, it’s got to be classic.

~ The more time you put in, the more beautiful your art. Or perhaps this old favorite: the harder I work the luckier I am. ~

Chiron adds not only the insecurity, but the magnetism, the generosity, a willingness to put yourself out there, to try.

The line up in the rest of the sky indicates you can grow something under this Astrology. Something real, significant and lasting can emerge from the pressure and pain. Particularly as you move toward the New Moon in Taurus, and a highly charged revolutionary Mercury Direct on May 3rd. That day is a massive turnaround, and the start of something totally legit.

Consider the New Moon on the 26th of April as a kick off, in a series of ever more epic kick offs, and between now and then, continue to lay the groundwork.

Consider that both Sagittarius and Pisces find a ruler in Jupiter. In this case Jupiter in Libra, weakened by backward motion, he passes the baton to Venus who accepts, governed by both Jupiter and Neptune: what will be will be. Ask the cosmos to contribute, after all, you’re never really alone.

Love YOU!!!!



In May, the hard work you are doing now begins to pay. A bigger dream is launched. June finds you nearly ready to take flight over uncharted waters. Jupiter WILL turn direct in June, and between now and then it’s all about 15 to 13 degrees Cardinal. Aries, Crab, Capricorn, and Libra especially. Making plans for what to do next. Gathering resources, asking for divine intervention, (yes really!) becoming skilled in your Art.

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The Week of April 16, and a View into May 2017

In which our protagonists move on.

Having found themselves absolutely drowning in the results of former actions, and an inability to jettison the past, our protagonists are finally able to make headway.

Yes, there will be bills to pay.
Aren’t there always?

Time’s up. What you have done, and have not done, are entered into the ledger.

It will be May third before Mercury is direct, but that doesn’t stop us now. A little confusion, or even a lot of it, is preferable to the quagmire of indefinite immersion to which we have grown accustomed. You’ll revise if you have to.


Mercury and the Sun trade places, Mercury back to Aries, the Sun into Taurus. Venus coming forward, off of Pisces Chiron, but taking her time. Mars moves to Gemini by Friday April 21st,

We are still looking to solve puzzles. By the end of the April, Mercury will make it back to conjunct Uranus. Mercury will sit conjunct Uranus Aries 18 days.

During that time the Mercury/Uranus conjunction trines Saturn and the North Node. This is big. If you have planets between 22 and 28 degrees of Fire and Air, watch what becomes, what springs to life during this period.

Pay attention not only to Mercury turning direct on the 3rd of May, but also to the 8th- 12th of May, when Uranus and Mercury jump together from 25 to 26 degrees, and then the Moon conjuncts Saturn to seal the deal on May 13th, with the North Noe at 29 LEO, and Gemini Mars trine Libra Jupiter.

Retrograde Saturn will continue to square a now DIRECT Venus.
You work out the kinks.


By the time we arrive at the end of May, Venus herself will take the place vacated by Mercury. She and Uranus will trine Saturn and the LEO North Node: a life changing idea you have turned into an asset. Long term plans are put into action. By May 31, the Moon conjunct the North Node activates a substantial kite. More on that to come…

Even now, choices become easier to make and a path more definite.

The rubber hits the road. Answers arrive to unavoidable questions. We begin to sketch in the territory of what we needed to know. Yes, our choices are subject to Merc retro fluxuations and revisions, but even when it’s not the ultimate answer, the information we receive now is valuable. Pretty, or ugly, this is what we need to know. There is a push to make something of it, to use what you learn.

Do that.

Over the next two weeks you are promised wake up jolts, and head checks. Multiple lightning zaps of massive multilayered realizations. Contrary, contradictory and overlapping concepts hover close by, but lightly, as though combining floating auras, with x-ray vision. Can you apply what you learn to who you are? Can you see the subtleties of self-implication, without latching on to self disgust?
Our man Chiron wants to know.

I think you can. You know the drill.

Let go, look ahead. Move toward what you desire.
Stay flexible, accept rewards and punishment with a modicum of grace.
The stage is being set.

Love YOU!!!!


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Venus Stations on Chiron, Sun Conjunct Uranus


What would it take
to say to yourself,

~ I have known real pain, and now I deserve to be happy again.~ ?

What would it look like,
if you acknowledged how profoundly you have been hurt,
and felt gratitude rise like a wave,
grateful for your ability to love at all


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Libra Full Moon, April 10/11, 2016





There’s a surprise in it.

The sky is rich with unwashed love and possibility, ugly, in it’s embrace of reality unadorned. It could be the jolt you have already had, echoing out more starkly, could be an additional change.

Your best bonds now are with those who look at you with soft eyes and tell you what a beautiful grandmother you will be one day. Or how they love sharing with you what little they have.


Old and getting older. Venus/Saturn/Chiron loves the bottom line. There’s friction intertwined with acceptance, seduction weds desperation. Where need drives a Cadillac, burning oil is a beautiful necessity.

With Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn all moving backward, it’s not enough to say things come undone, they do, but don’t they always?

Events slip sideways. Absences slowly amalgamate, we are not sure where we are being taken or what sum we have been robbed. We dare not believe the best, and the worst is too grim to consider for more than a moment. Are we more than treading water?

All the same you will be informed of what you do have.

The creeping dread, did I slip half an inch? Did I? Was that movement lateral or vertical? Am I falling down ?

The events of the next two weeks are nearly Eclipse-like, the Full Moon segues into Venus direct on the 15th. For that, Venus is conjunct Chiron and Square Saturn. From there we springboard towards the Sun’s retro-Merc conjunction on the 20th. Answers to massive questions arrive that are painful and helpful, both. Not that these answers will be complete, or your analysis of them lasting, they won’t, it doesn’t.

You can neither ignore what you learn or depend on it. Think working title, rough draft, until Mercury is direct on the 5/6 of May. That’s a dynamic pivot, and a surprise with longevity. Mercury goes direct conjunct Uranus in Aries, and trine Saturn and the North Node.

Let’s come back to NOW.

Now with the Full Moon, changes, surprises, a surge.
Sudden events, a Cardinal T-square on the Libra Full Moon.

Family and clan in the crossfire.
Protect? Defend?
Or are they also firing shots?

Out of your control, what you do about it, and then what comes next?

Jupiter magnifies what fate (Saturn, Uranus, Pluto) sends your way.
Not the final outcomes, a shift in the story, and a shock to go with it.

No choice. And then you compensate. The furthest thing from a clean slate.

I went over to Wait -what? and read a whole lot of beautiful poetry.

Good Bones

Life is short, though I keep this from my children.
Life is short, and I’ve shortened mine
in a thousand delicious, ill-advised ways,
a thousand deliciously ill-advised ways
I’ll keep from my children. The world is at least
fifty percent terrible, and that’s a conservative
estimate, though I keep this from my children.
For every bird there is a stone thrown at a bird.
For every loved child, a child broken, bagged,
sunk in a lake. Life is short and the world
is at least half terrible, and for every kind
stranger, there is one who would break you,
though I keep this from my children. I am trying
to sell them the world. Any decent realtor,
walking you through a real shithole, chirps on
about good bones: This place could be beautiful,
right? You could make this place beautiful

– Maggie Smith

No people are uninteresting.
Their destinies are like histories of planets.
Nothing in them is not particular,
and no planet is like another.

And if someone lives in obscurity,
befriending that obscurity,
he is interesting to people
by his very obscurity.

Everyone has his own secret, private world.
In that world is a finest moment.
In that world is a tragic hour,
but it all is unknown to us.

And if someone dies
there dies with him his first snow,
and first kiss, and first fight.
He takes it all with him.

Yes, books and bridges remain,
and painted canvas and machinery,
yes, much is sentenced to remain,
but something really departs all the same!

Such is the law of the pitiless game.
It’s not people who die, but worlds.
We remember people, sinful and earthly.
But what did we know, in essence, about them?

What do we know of brothers, of friends?
What do we know of our one and only?
And about our own fathers,
knowing everything, we know nothing.

They perish. They cannot be brought back.
Their secret worlds are not regenerated.
And every time I want again
to cry out against the unretrievableness.

– Yevgeny Yevtushenko, “No people are…”, 1961
(Translated by Albert C. Todd)

Everything Good between Men and Women

has been written in mud and butter
and barbecue sauce. The walls and
the floors used to be gorgeous.
The socks off-white and a near match.
The quince with fire blight
but we get two pints of jelly
in the end. Long walks strengthen
the back. You with a fever blister
and myself with a sty. Eyes
have we and we are forever prey
to each other’s teeth. The torrents
go over us. Thunder has not harmed
anyone we know. The river coursing
through us is dirty and deep. The left
hand protects the rhythm. Watch
your head. No fires should be
unattended. Especially when wind. Each
receives a free swiss army knife.
The first few tongues are clearly
preparatory. The impression
made by yours I carry to my grave. It is
just so sad so creepy so beautiful.
Bless it. We have so little time
to learn, so much… The river
courses dirty and deep. Cover the lettuce.
Call it a night. O soul. Flow on. Instead.

C. D. Wright (1949-2016)

I Imagine The Gods

I imagine the gods saying, We will
make it up to you. We will give you
three wishes, they say. Let me see
the squirrels again, I tell them.
Let me eat some of the great hog
stuffed and roasted on its giant spit
and put out, steaming, into the winter
of my neighborhood when I was usually
too broke to afford even the hundred grams
I ate so happily walking up the cobbles,
past the Street of the Moon
and the Street of the Birdcage-Makers,
the Street of Silence and the Street
of the Little Pissing. We can give you
wisdom, they say in their rich voices.
Let me go at last to Hugette, I say,
the Algerian student with her huge eyes
who timidly invited me to her room
when I was too young and bewildered
that first year in Paris.
Let me at least fail at my life.
Think, they say patiently, we could
make you famous again. Let me fall
in love one last time, I beg them.
Teach me mortality, frighten me
into the present. Help me to find
the heft of these days. That the nights
will be full enough and my heart feral.

– Jack Gilbert

tumblr_ojfnlkdwuF1qdrgo9o2_500 Mao Lizi!

Love YOU!!!!


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Demons (a re-post for venus/saturn/chiron)


As if pathology were something to defy. As if you could somehow not be ruled by old demons, and trapped in ancient hallways, the cartography defined before you were born. These obsessions, barely personalized make their way though your life like a snake moving through a paper town, flattening the landscape wholesale. Imaginary skyscrapers bow beneath them while you try to remember the top 10 tricks effective people have or do.

It doesn’t work that way. Tricks and tools keep demons invisible, helpful, yes, but demon hunters they are not. Thinly veiled and wrapped more tightly around your throat, you can’t see demons now, because they operate with glacial slowness, why f*ck up a moment, when you can f*ck up a life?

Well what is it then? What is the cure for demons?
You want what you want.


Oh darkness, come here.
Something that you hate to love, that pollutes the meaning of love,
desire, just endless.

The better you know your demons,
the more open to how very simple and sad these hurts are,
so simple,
that they dress in the most outlandish clothes just to catch your eye, the elaborate stage settings, the convoluted serpentine plot lines enacted to hold your attention…
This time it’s different, and it is sometimes different…

So how do you know?

Which part is the fairytale & which is the true story?
Which is the medicine, the poison, and which is the cure?
Sweet poison, bitter medicine, no the other way, I’m sure of it.
Unsure of anything, welcome home.

Acceptance kills demons,
or shrinks them anyway. It’s alright.
It’s alright these feelings, these thoughts, these paths you have traveled.
However not alright it is, it’s alright.
There is room enough for everything,
for every unwanted pain, and every unloved encounter. No separation.


You don’t have to feel differently, but you do have to take a chance.
To stretch where you feel the light coming in.
You can bring your demons with you,
they’ll leave when they’re ready.

Love YOU!!!


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April in View, Mercury and Saturn Move Back


I have floating brain in the morning. Thoughts enter and exit without reasonable segues, darting, glittering as fish, in a swamp murky with treachery. Stalking egrets, tangles of waterlily roots, lumpy irregular cypress knees, a snake, a frog, a turtle, and up at sunrise, only to sleep all day, alligators.

Sun bleached decay, disassociation, floats on the edges. What used to be a wrapper, wraps nothing, red, muted to a peachy orange, describing the power of the Sun. We circle a fireball stripping heat from the blaze of advertising. Move suddenly as a stork, and then stand still, the Sun is in charge.

Aries Sun and a Cancer Moon that now moves past the crisis point, whatever arrow was shot yesterday has found it’s home already and it’s fall out now, results.

April, is a complex month this go around. Luck competes with unpredictability, outcomes are uncertain, it’s not only that the playing field is uneven, but who will be permitted to play, and what are the stakes? Can we hope for a quick turn around in May, if April is a long detour, with Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn all moving backwards? With so many elements left to establish? The trouble is, it’s not really a detour. Nothing so simple, so time consuming, and so direct.
There is nothing wasted this month, however it may seem.


Venus’ backward motion keeps pace with the retrograde of Saturn. Venus will turn direct mid-April, and Saturn will stay square to her. Measuring.



What is it worth ?

Value, Cash, Love, Ethics, the rules, and the formalities. The shape and the content. What does love look like empty? What makes it last?

As you are well aware, significant events are happening. And as Venus moves to Pisces, they happen on more than one level. Larger multi-layer stories are being drawn out, stretched to the breaking point, wound, unwound, and bounced like a ball of rubber-bands. Snap! Add a layer or take one away.

It’s a necessary confusion. The events of April accumulate, add value, and progress your story. They ARE the story. How could it be otherwise? However frustrating, the hold-ups and re-considerations take place alongside genuine developments, which are plainly indispensable to your progress.


Are there one way streets you are destined to drive down, rightly or the wrong way… is this the important lesson? Is this? Certain events are reenacted. How will you play your part this time. Do you even want to play?


Saturn retrogrades on April 5th in what seems a punishing stroke of luck. His position aligns him through October with Uranus and the North Node. Taken together, it’s a push toward to taking risks with long term benefits, though the old man eases up, moving ahead to complete what you have already begun, with Saturn direct and Uranus retro during September/October.

In this last bloc before the Saturn in Capricorn of 2018, for people with late mutable signs and those who let something slide seven years ago, now the bill comes due. With Saturn ruled by Jupiter, if you make the effort to pay, to fix your transgressions you won’t be unrewarded.

It’s a chance to excel again, for you current Saturn Achievers, a pinch, though a bit harder. Saturn brings pressure, and pressure brings diamonds, or that’s what we say. Fix it, is what you will be called on to do. Bones, teeth, health, money, VALUES, ETHICS. And this one for the win, release. Some things you can’t fix.

Saturn’s station is at 27 degrees Sagittarius, and he will take it back to 21 Sagittarius.
The involvement of Uranus/North Node insures that new destinies are springing up and to succeed align yourself with authority, stability, restructure, repair.

Get on the right side of the law.

On April 9th, Mercury turns retrograde at 4 degrees Taurus. This is right alongside a massive, dynamic, whopper of a Cardinal T-square rich Libra Full Moon on the 10th/11th…. it’s all part of that extended Venus/Chiron moment I’ve been mentioning. About that Full Moon, I’ll write soon….more to come!

Mercury moves backward, and backward all month to rendezvous with Uranus at 24/25 degrees Aries on May 3rd.
That’s progress, that’s movement, that’s quite a day, a giant triangle takes shape: Saturn, Mercury conjunct Uranus, North Node conjunct the Leo Moon. Grand Fire Trine alert! Circle the date! And as you do, notice that it’s a full month away from us.

**What will it take to get there?

Love YOU!!!



TELL ME about the passing of life,
its thin door which is as fragile as life itself.
I can hear the music on the other side,
and the shadows of bird flight
move under the door frame
with the tinkle of wind chimes.
Tell me about how life passes into life,
hope into beginnings.
There is no reward for having lived
and there is no rest.
There is only continuity and re-emerging
from room to room and the love
that perfumes this place and the next.

– Lisa Marguerite Mora ~

*I love the patience of tribal music. It seems to say ‘There is all the time in the world to build this thought, there are multiple layers to this feeling.

** Yes, time! It will take time, but what are we offering the world right now, and what are we asking for? What will be asked of us, and how will we supply it?

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Venus and Jupiter Retrograde Reconsidered







I wrote about our current Venus & Jupiter retro at length, and if you want to read about it, you can find it, HERE

It’s one thing to describe it before it happens, it’s another to live through the reality.

How can we ever get ahead?

Even if we are taking the steps, completing our obligations, moving in our chosen direction, our gains are by inches, or at least they may seem so, we make them fighting a wayward wind, an obstinate tide, or in my case tiny biting ants that have infested my desk and computer! And for what? What do they want?!

There you were, moving along in your new life, only to find a hold up, a hijack, a slow down, a detour, a complication, or worse, a genuine obstacle, which must be overcome, and for which you do not have all the resources you need.

Is it that having made it this far out to sea, or into the woods, that we are lost?

Perhaps not having lost the ENTIRE plot, we know the general focus of our goals, but doesn’t it seem also, (however fresh the New Moon in Aries), that we may begin, set out, labor along the way, and still somehow never arrive.

Never, Never, Never.



Jupiter moves backward until June 9th. At that point he will sit at 13 degrees Libra taking a full three weeks before he makes it to 14 degrees, on July 1st.

Venus won’t move ahead until she has a reckoning with Chiron at 26 degrees Pisces on the 14/15th of April .

Do we actually have to wait until halfway through another month to find solid evidence to work with, or resonant validation?

Here, let me give you a perspective shift:


What do you care about?
Can you make contact with your values (Venus) and increasingly shape your life around them?

Do you have faith (Jupiter) in yourself?

If you have none, is it fair to expect life to supply what you are missing?

How much evidence do you need to see that you are valuable?
After all, the only person who needs to find your life rewarding is you.

Who or what are you living for?

Is it alright to hope?

This is a time when we must, in a way, become very simple.

Love and Faith, which bring Light and Joy, can always be excavated from within you. You can journey to them as you would go on a pilgrimage to a shrine. Make contact. Clean off the dead leaves, light a new candle, repaint if necessary.

This retrograde allows you to ask the question, how can you generate self-knowledge, self-respect, for your own living heart, which you use to love the world? For almost every encounter has at it’s core a question, and when we are grounded, the answer is yes.

Not the small ‘yes’ or ‘no’ of permissions and plans, but the yes I am here. Yes, I am here to see you. Yes, I am here to experience this. Yes, I am responding from my core. Yes I will remain true to myself, whether I say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.


Being in the right frame of mind to make a choice, is half the work of being able to make one.

We are gathering our power, our hope, and as we go back to reevaluate, there are daydreams, tangents, re-connections with old relationships, and ‘past lives,’ former selves, with who and what you used to care about, holding up the shape of your old cognitions to compare the size and width to what you believe and value now. None of us can fully escape following the wrong path, or a random path, down a rabbit hole and as long as you can find your way back, you don’t need to!

What you are looking for is your heart, your optimism, what you really like, and feel is ‘right’.

All this, that we experience now, leads us to a moment when we will be obligated to suck it it up and refocus, re-think, mid-April (Mercury will be retro by then.) and that moment will not be easy!

Why not?

The answer is this: Venus direct on the 14th is in aspect to a very active Saturn. By the 16th of April, our Moon conjuncts Saturn (limits!responsibilities!), which squares a Venus/Chiron mash up, while that same Saturn/Moon trines the Sun/Uranus/Mercury conjunction, as well as the North Node @3 Virgo, AND inconjuncts a stubborn Taurus Mars. That jolt that makes us release our fear. Self-value, and a connection to the infinite, will be the only way out.

It will be clear what you need to do, if not how you will do it. The paths through the forest stop dividing, day dream season is over.



Can I admit, that knowing there is a stark moment ahead makes me (somewhat) enjoy my current capacity to not know what on earth the solution is to my dilemmas?

pisces type


For now, we will alternate, we make specific plans and we dream on, following ourselves to ourselves, searching, pursuing choices and chances as they make their appearance, realizing we won’t know until another two weeks at least, which of the genies grant wishes and which ones play tricks.

Pro tip:
Trust yourself

Love YOU!!!!



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Aries New Moon March 27, 2017

prt_373x463_1459389502_2x ana montiel!!



What kind of dawn was it when you woke up this morning?

Still taking steps that you feel in the dark. Taking them, not imagining them only. Venus retrograde keeps us wrapped in old concerns, important people from the past pop up like whack a mole, do you whack them, or simply nod and keep moving? It may not be as complex as you could make it. Stay in the life you’ve made, keep going. Aries has goals.

Mercury conjunct Uranus (in the shadow of the retrograde Merc is about to make) gives us a fresh start on the problem. Make a clean break or try a new approach.

You won’t, still even now, have all the answers, but the ship will sail, because the wind fills her sails. Now is the answer to the question when. So much to do, with your heart held in the hands of old friends, family, or in your own hands, trusting yourself.

You may not be able to see outcomes, but you are well aware of trajectories.

Our New Moon arrives at 7 degrees Aries

It’s lucky-ish and free-ish.

As John Crowley sez in Little, Big “Jus only the Brave deserve the Fair”

You begin again, not as the young do thinking they will get so far, farther than anyone, ever. No one is young with Saturn in Sagittarius, especially not youth.

You begin again, as the old do, consecrating everyday with the force of cracking knees, with breath that becomes sacred because your lungs are able to breathe it.


Windy City

The garments worn in flying dreams
were fashioned there –
overcoats that swooped like kites,
scarves streaming like vapor trails,
gowns ballooning into spinnakers.

In a city like that one might sail
through life led by a runaway hat.
The young scattered in whatever directions
their wild hair pointed, and gusting
into one another, fell in love.

At night, wind rippled saxophones
that hung like windchimes in pawnshop
windows, hooting through each horn
so that the streets seemed haunted
not by nighthawks, but by doves.

Pinwheels whirled from steeples
in place of crosses. At the pinnacles
of public buildings, snagged underclothes –
the only flag – flapped majestically.
And when it came time to disappear

one simply chose a thoroughfare
devoid of memories, raised a collar,
and turned his back on the wind.
I closed my eyes and stepped
into a swirl of scuttling leaves.
– Stuart Dybek
from Streets in Their Own Ink ~


My Crow
A crow flew into the tree outside my window.
It was not Ted Hughes’s crow, or Galway’s crow.
Or Frost’s, Pasternak’s, or Lorca’s crow.
Or one of Homer’s crows, stuffed with gore,
after the battle. This was just a crow.
That never fit in anywhere in its life,
or did anything worth mentioning.
It sat there on the branch for a few minutes.
Then picked up and flew beautifully
out of my life.
– Raymond Carver

Love YOU!!!



Dear Edie,
I have a lot of things to teach you now, in case we ever meet, concerning the message that was transmitted to me under a pine tree in North Carolina on a cold winter moonlit night. It said that Nothing Ever Happened, so don’t worry. It’s all like a dream. Everything is ecstasy, inside. We just don’t know it because of our thinking-minds. But in our true blissful essence of mind is known that everything is alright forever and forever and forever. Close your eyes, let your hands and nerve-ends drop, stop breathing for 3 seconds, listen to the silence inside the illusion of the world, and you will remember the lesson you forgot, which was taught in immense milky ways of cloudy innumerable worlds long ago and not even at all. It is all one vast awakened thing. I call it the golden eternity. It is perfect. We were never really born, we will never really die. It has nothing to do with the imaginary idea of a personal self, other selves, many selves everywhere, or one universal self. Self is only an idea, a mortal idea. That which passes through everything, is one thing. It’s a dream already ended. There’s nothing to be afraid of and nothing to be glad about. I know this from staring at mountains months on end. They never show any expression, they are like empty space. Do you think the emptiness of space will ever crumble away? Mountains will crumble, but the emptiness of space, which is the one universal essence of mind, the one vast awakenerhood, empty and awake, will never crumble away because it was never born.
The world you see is just a movie in your mind.
Your eternal old man,
via The Portable Jack Kerouac ~

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Aries and Pisces, March 2017



That’s it! That video is our sky.
And what do you suppose the ocean floor looks like under that flow?

Aquarius Moon today, inching closer to that BIG New Moon meet up in Aries!
Sorry I’ve been MIA!!!
Spring sprung all over me, and I’ve been scrambling to catch up!

Innovations, Solutions,


Not all of them good.
However, information activates us, as the kool kidz can’t stop saying ~ woke. ~
Empowered to take on the responsibility of shaping your own way, as Sweet Honey in the Rock said once upon a time, That’s Good News!

Yesterdays Cardinal T-square with the Moon in Capricorn asked that you respond to new evidence, how will it shape your steps?


Control yourself and make a plan, realizing you don’t yet have every piece of the puzzle?
You Bet.

Annie Dillard sez:
~ The interior life is often stupid. Its egoism blinds it and deafens it; its imagination spins out ignorant tales, fascinated. It fancies that the western wind blows on the Self, and leaves fall at the feet of the Self for a reason, and people are watching. A mind risks real ignorance for the sometimes paltry prize of an imagination enriched. The trick of reason is to get the imagination to seize the actual world – if only from time to time. ~

Ok. Fair enough and true enough, to warrant reflection, BUT, how do you reconcile this with the idea of the living universe? A universe where when the wind blows over leaves it can only, unquestionably, be there for you, though not you only, as you are there to feel it? If you were not there, it would blow on, without you, for whomever/whatever was there, and you would be involved, encompassed in something else; something offered up to you with no resistance, the slick feel of your keyboard as you type, the chickadee who takes a moment to sing close to your window, close where you can hear. Or more broadly, there is nothing from which we can experience separation, it is only a matter of degrees. We cannot feel a single cell dying inside us, or another one being born, but could we, in any way, be said to be separate from the process?

Love YOU!!!!



Read this, it’s a letter by Martin Scorsese written after the death of Federico Fellini

New York,
19 Nov 1993

To the Editor:

“Excuse Me; I Must Have Missed Part of the Movie” (The Week in Review, 7 November) cites Federico Fellini as an example of a filmmaker whose style gets in the way of his storytelling and whose films, as a result, are not easily accessible to audiences. Broadening that argument, it includes other artists: Ingmar Bergman, James Joyce, Thomas Pynchon, Bernardo Bertolucci, John Cage, Alain Resnais and Andy Warhol.

It’s not the opinion I find distressing, but the underlying attitude toward artistic expression that is different, difficult or demanding. Was it necessary to publish this article only a few days after Fellini’s death? I feel it’s a dangerous attitude, limiting, intolerant. If this is the attitude toward Fellini, one of the old masters, and the most accessible at that, imagine what chance new foreign films and filmmakers have in this country.

It reminds me of a beer commercial that ran a while back. The commercial opened with a black and white parody of a foreign film—obviously a combination of Fellini and Bergman. Two young men are watching it, puzzled, in a video store, while a female companion seems more interested. A title comes up: “Why do foreign films have to be so foreign?” The solution is to ignore the foreign film and rent an action-adventure tape, filled with explosions, much to the chagrin of the woman.

It seems the commercial equates “negative” associations between women and foreign films: weakness, complexity, tedium. I like action-adventure films too. I also like movies that tell a story, but is the American way the only way of telling stories?

The issue here is not “film theory,” but cultural diversity and openness. Diversity guarantees our cultural survival. When the world is fragmenting into groups of intolerance, ignorance and hatred, film is a powerful tool to knowledge and understanding. To our shame, your article was cited at length by the European press.

The attitude that I’ve been describing celebrates ignorance. It also unfortunately confirms the worst fears of European filmmakers.

Is this closed-mindedness something we want to pass along to future generations?

If you accept the answer in the commercial, why not take it to its natural progression:

Why don’t they make movies like ours?
Why don’t they tell stories as we do?
Why don’t they dress as we do?
Why don’t they eat as we do?
Why don’t they talk as we do?
Why don’t they think as we do?
Why don’t they worship as we do?
Why don’t they look like us?

Ultimately, who will decide who “we” are?

—Martin Scorsese

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