Scorpio New Moon, Late Night November 14, 2020

Have we been following the moon around waiting for something to wish for? Desire nature, how long has it been?

When was the last time you imagined you could have something you wanted? How much grief is stored in that thought alone?

We don’t stop wanting. WE NEED TO WANT.

Mars finally moves ahead. The stopped clock chimes and we don’t keep staring at the wall waiting for it to grow eyes and stare back.

It’s not about pregnancy, though this is potent alright. The seed gets planted.

It could be that the plow hits a stone, and the stone hits you, and blood seeps from a cut above your eye and you see now, that you were never meant to be a farmer and the seed you plant is in your plane ticket, it’s in your book, in your backpack, it’s in the choice you make with your sweetheart about whose desires are more pressing and what comes next.

Mars is direct in Aries with Venus opposite him in Libra. Oh LOOK! A power couple and they make a T-Square with Pallas/Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn. Action! A web of INTERACTION.

Mercury receives a lightning bolt of a concept, and for the Sun & Moon, conjunct at 23 degrees Scorpio and for Juno right beside them, the beginning they propose is both backed by the powers that be, and in working relationship to the infinite.

It’s a powerful chart. All it asks for is desire. Your desire. Feed yourself a little blood.

Cheryl Strayed writes:

-The most terrible and beautiful and interesting things happen in life. For some of you, those things have already happened. Whatever happens to you belongs to you. Make it yours. Feed it to yourself even if it feels impossible to swallow. Let it nurture you, because it will.-

If it’s a risk, it’s worth it now, to see that blood when we have been starvlings for so very long. And when I say blood, what I mean is, vital energy, the good stuff, from the heart, from below the belt, whatever it is, you want it.

Here is potential, DEPTH, appreciable weight. It’s not a sad story, it’s a real one. You won’t miss your chance. You take it. It takes you.

Intimacy or trust. It could even be a family secret, or a promise you want to keep.

There is a feeling, an element of surprise? New content, again, importantly, we uncover what is hidden, and what do we have? It’s UNREGULATED EMOTION. Did you say you wanted something?

It’s not so much about an accident, as it is about patterning, what is owed, and finally being able to move ahead.

The thing is: we don’t have these infinite choices, not right now. The few we have, we take. It may be sudden, but it’s likely unconfusing.

If you want to amputate to achieve, you know the drill. You may not have to, you may be able to come up with next steps that are relevant, that move you towards power without renunciation. But you’ll know.

The machinations here are part of a bigger story. It’s not just what you mix up on your own. Whatever arrives as an opening for you, allow for a dream. Let yourself have it.

Where there might, for a moment, be safety or a connection, lets remember softness:

~ Pay attention to the gentle ones, the ones who can hold your gaze with no discomfort, the ones who smile to themselves while sitting alone in a coffeeshop, the ones who walk as if floating. Take them in and marvel at them. Simply marvel. It takes an extraordinary person to carry themselves as if they do not live in hell.”
– D. Bunyavong said that

Can you imagine wanting something you might get?

Let yourself have it. Float for a moment in a feeling of co-creation of your life.

What happens for this New Moon in Scorpio is that we open up the doors we have shut. We open to our desire nature, we say yes to being animals, in the best way, thinking and feeling animals with needs, perhaps complicated intertwining needs.

– Wendell Berry wrote

-I would like you to show me, if you can, where the line can be drawn between an organism and its environment. The environment is in you. It’s passing through you. You’re breathing it in and out. You and every other creature.-

As we breathe now, indivisible from every vibrating molecule, let’s imagine a change that is not a tragedy.

Let’s make friends with the idea that we are miraculously powerful, and at times use our powers for healing, for intimacy, and for good. Let’s breathe together one more time. I’m so glad you are alive, and breathing, here with us.

Love YOU!!!




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Astro Talks with Satori: Leo/Aquarius

Since Leo feels at the center: everybody wants me, and Aquarius feels at the edge, the fringe: nobody wants me, the question they ask or the theme of the polarity is:

What is the role of the individual in society?

In changing society, do you work from personal (Leo) or impersonal (Aquarius) truths?

Do you (Leo) change one life at a time, as many as can see you, from the stage you are on?
Or do you (Aquarius) change the structure people inhabit.

Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus. Structure and Change. Brake open the world and remake it.
In one sense, as the water-bearer, the “water” Aquarius carries is humanity itself and Aquarians are AND create the bucket. They build the form with which to carry the undifferentiated masses: us!

In both cases the Leo or Aquarius sets themselves apart from the masses through their individuality.
Leo from the heart, Aquarius from the mind

Are you a Rebel, (Aquarius) or a Star (Leo) ?

For Leo, status actually is a thing! Not only the bling of it, but the recognition.
Aquarians only want the recognition if for lack of a better word, they think it’s “cool”

When we say that Aquarius is the audience, what we mean is closer to the act of participation in a group event which has a meaningful impact. What remains unsaid, is that Aquarius is the one who stands out from that group, much as Leo does.

However the positioning is the polarity: Leo’s position is on stage from above as a star, Aquarius’ position is from within as one of the masses inseparable from the greater good.

Love YOU!!!


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Astro Talks with Satori: Virgo/Pisces

Satori and I talk Virgo/Pisces, the goddess Beyonce, precision versus glamour, and a magic Kitten!

Virgo Goddess Beyonce

Ultimate Pisces Nina Simone <3
tho Lou Reed should get an honorable mention.



Love YOU!!!!


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Simple ‘Scopes & a Podcast October 31, 2020




It’s not like the moon makes you more angry. You already know how angry you are. Secrets that emerge, sudden situations, whatever it is, it falls on you to be the teacher, to set the example.The emotional cost may be high, pay it. Whatever you find out is worth knowing.


Surprise! I hope it doesn’t hurt, I mean really, though I won’t guarantee it. The fact that you have core values is an advantage. Your personal autonomy is one of them. Sexier than ever? Oh I think so! Who shows up for you? What do they ask?


Don’t you hate it when your subconscious comes bursting through? If something has to change, the reasons are massive. Incontrovertible. Accept, adjust.


They love you alright, isn’t that part of where the sacrifice comes from? Mixed messages continue, that’s not the shock. I want to say what happens at home interferes with partnership, but that’s old news too.

The surprise comes in relationship to your hopes and dreams, and the resources you have to fulfill them.


It’s on your family axis. Mom and Dad, home and career, living situation and reputation.
Out of an abundance of caution, isn’t that the phrase we hear these days? Do that. Be that. Gentle as you can. Easy enough to twist your ankle if you talk on the phone while you hike. Be in one place at a time.


Money comes in anyway, and the big question is, what are you finding out? What do they say? Information is elevation. It’s serious: get lifted.


You are still reworking the same material. Be prepared for a shock. These entanglements don’t end, all the same, you are learning what kinds of freedoms follow destruction.


Who lets go first? Which attachments keep you safe? And which can you barely tolerate? As you rework old thought patterns, you begin to see exactly which cords renew you and which you might cut, it’s for your own well-being.


Oh it’s about to change now. Hopefully your habits, not just your health. Partnership doesn’t always come naturally to you, but you need it now. Let a friend do what they can.


Symbolically we see a creative baby born out of wedlock. What could that mean? You don’t trust many people these days, and honestly, why should you? You have an advantage though, people trust you.


The surprise is intimate.Where are you being called to go? This is grown up stuff, and if nothing else, you have certainly become an adult, recognize, enjoy, and respect yourself.


Your existence itself is the magic we need. Listen up: your Full Moon message is very stark. I don’t think you need me to tell you how to read it. Let me tell you something else instead: you don’t have to do a thing until you are ready, and when you are ready, no one can stop you.

Love YOU!!!!


The Amazing Zev Fiddle Oak!


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Taurus Full Moon, October 31, 2020

Last night while we ate dinner, myself, my children and their friend, (all eating a very large greek salad, so large that we couldn’t even finish it,) my son reminded me that there still exists and circulates an internet advertisement that more than likely you have seen.

It reads – A man baked an egg in an avocado, and what happens next will blow your tits clean off! –

If that could happen, I suppose it will happen now. Or maybe the one about how doctors hate it if you eat this certain fruit.

Jonathan Galassi wrote a poem called Once:

the train has left the
station you can’t take it.
Once the promise has been
broke you can’t unbreak it.
If the letter has been sent
you can’t rewrite it.
If the cigarette’s been smoked
you can’t not light it.
Now the candle’s snuffed
you can’t see by it.
Once the seat’s been sold
no one can buy it.
The phone is disconnected:
don’t talk to it.
The window’s painted black;
you won’t see through it.
The scotch tape end is lost,
you can’t unwind it.
The earring’s in the lake;
you’ll never find it.
And now the money’s squandered—
you can’t give it
back. And time is short;
you have to live it.

The chart of this full Moon in Taurus has Sagittarius rising, so it’s a story. Because the south node is in Sagittarius we start at the end and work our way back, all the way back, to a beginning.

If you want a change, and you do, we do, we are.

It seems there are some clear winners and losers here, like a plot involving a big sports game, or an event where one has already picked a side.

You know what you want to happen, and then something happens. Only we can’t be sure, or I mean to say, how can we identify what strength our position holds?

At dinner, we briefly discussed the Napoleonic wars, and how backward, to some, those wars might have seemed at the time. Who wanted to be ruled by this little man after they had already fought a revolution?

Saturn squares Mercury: someone is trying to shut you up, or someone(s) are trying to silence a larger group of people. Perhaps information regarding that silencing comes to light.

Right along with that, the news could be financial. A shock regarding the money situation of those in power. A shock regarding your own finances.
Subtraction, a removal or shock so large it looks like a baby being born. Because that’s what happens, you can’t stay in there forever. But, it could be a job offer, the time you quit. When someone leaves for good, or I mean to say, arrives.

Use the shock to make a connection.

The sky of the Full Moon in Taurus is so stark as to look plainly and simply mechanical. A metronome that only tics one way, a wind up clock that takes us into a time we seem to be avoiding.

Who would like to? Wouldn’t you like to crawl right out of your skin, somehow give it the slip?

That’s this time. And we want that, to slip away, even as we want to have powered through, to push ahead, to have been here already, and now be somewhere else. Let’s get to the good part. The good part, the good part. Whatever that means, whatever that means for you at this time.

As I write this, I’m listening to my little dog scratch at the tile floor under my bed. She needs to do that, and she does it all the time, so it’s softer, so she can rest.

Since the sky needs to open up and crack, let’s suggest that the sky does exactly that in the way she can crack. Let’s suggest that the crack ticks the clock, the clock moves our hands, and we do not stay in the safety of our malaise, but journey out to something bigger, a new storyline, a larger arc.

– Barbara Brown Taylor sez: Darkness is not something you go through. It is God’s home.-

Under the bright Moon light and in the safety of God’s home, we breathe together with all of the unseen animals, the actual creature filled holy darkness we live in, brimming with every sort of life.

Let’s breathe into it, into the limitless vibrations of the molecules with which we are entangled, as ever indivisible from the limitless power of creation.

In every conceivable imagining, we are here in this place, together.

I’m so glad you are alive and breathing here with us.

Love YOU!!!




Happy Halloweenie

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Libra New Moon Chat with Satori October 16, 2020

Hey Y’all we thought it might be fun to record this chat. We were already talking astro… like we do…

It went long, so I’m chopping it up, and you can find the pieces here…

Love YOU!!!!



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Simple ‘Scopes & A Podcast: Libra New Moon October 16, 2020

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It’s you taking aim, and also you, sharpening your knife, and it’s you addressing old grievances, and it’s you bravely, and humbly, hoping your heroism has merit. As new information emerges, use every bit of your understanding. Action not reaction.


New levels of love, of money, of work? Since you know you don’t have the whole picture, or all of the information, there is no rush to commit. Enjoy the attention. Allow doors to open, as many as you like.


The world is not exactly arranged for your pleasure at the moment, except for one little thing, and that thing IS arranged not only to please you, but to help you please yourself. Create.


I got you something! It’s a Cardinal T-square! With so much weight falling on you from so many directions, don’t push yourself. Accept yourself. When you hear new information, you think new thoughts. Close your eyes and ask for guidance. Listen.


The threads in your life maybe don’t want to be woven into a so-called rich tapestry. Maybe they just like being threads. News from home? Put it in context wherever you can find some. Let go of this idea of absolutes. A new connection with community expands your mind.


If someone offers you a job, you can always say yes and figure it out later. The details are certainly not set. If something is making you uncomfortable, think about WHY. There is so much to know here. You have protection, so open to your own perception and see what you know.


This one is for you! Of course it hurts and of course you will use all of your skills to navigate. Begin where you can, by doing what you think is right. As blood and secrets are spilled, keep two things close to your heart. One is that you have an angel in your corner, the other, that this story and what you are learning, is not even kind of over.


What is it you’re not saying… yet? If you get a shock, consider that you may also be shocking. Your place in the community is not at stake. Don’t guard your resources, they truly are inexhaustible.


That sinking feeling that you don’t know all the details? That’s because you don’t know all the details. Important people think well of you. They want what’s best for your wallet. Participate and let the story develop.


– Never a moment’s peace in centuries- that’s what Mrs Underwood says in John Crowly’s novel Little BIG. Don’t you feel it tho? The thing is, peace is not what you need. What you need is EVOLUTION.


How come creation, romance and tragedy have to come so tightly twined? The ground IS trembling under your feet, but you of all people don’t want to stand still. In the future, not even so far from now, you will walk through these doors that you see standing open before you. Messy as they are, these responsibilities are an honor.


Love, Sex, Money, or other entanglements are on offer, of course it all comes with strings. If you don’t know how you feel, I would say that’s more than justified. Let the story come to you. Nothing you learn will be wasted.

Love YOU!!!


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Libra New Moon October 16, 2020

Out in the open. Right out where everyone can see it. Push has in fact come to shove. Conflict rich. Libra competes or compares.

Although the conflict, the contract, the ALLIANCE is public, there are more than a few unfinished machinations behind the scenes. Libra would like to begin with a new balance of power. Expert negotiations ? YES PLEASE

Some people would like to know ahead of time if all of these difficulties are going to be worth it? What do you think we should tell them?

Think of yourself as a composer. Do something with how you feel.

Critic Karol Irzykowski said – Anything can be lived through to the end, nothing can be thought through to the end.-

The sky organizes itself a little bit, and there may be a sort of confession or surprise message.
A destiny element takes shape.

The inevitability quotient is massive now, what can’t be avoided must become the plot. Not only in bad ways!

Are you building new structural relationships in the hopes that they will carry you into the future?

Are you reconfiguring your entanglements? Is it time to change something about who you owe and how you pay them, who you care for, who cares for you? Is it time to change something about who you trust?

Are you beginning a new sort of relationship? With your world, your life?

Our New Moon in Libra features a Grand Trine in Earth. 6 planets coordinate.
What could they be up to?

The best use of your energy centers around that amplified Venus in Virgo

We arrange the anatomy. Actual chess moves. The frustration level is high. Place your pieces with care.

What we see is our circumstance. Or maybe we see some of it?

Where are you going?

The truth of it is, you can’t see that bit yet.

You can see where you WANT to go, what you want to be true.

But that’s not the same thing, is it?

Geoffrey DeGraff wrote
– Samsara literally means “wandering-on.” Many people think of it as the Buddhist name for the place where we currently live. But in the early Buddhist texts, it’s the answer, not to the question, “Where are we?” but to the question, “What are we doing?” Instead of a place, it’s a process: the tendency to keep creating worlds and then moving into them. As one world falls apart, you create another one and go there. At the same time, you bump into other people who are creating their own worlds, too.
The process can sometimes be enjoyable. In fact, it would be perfectly innocuous if it didn’t entail so much suffering. The worlds we create keep caving in and killing us. Moving into a new world requires effort: not only the pains and risks of taking birth, but also the hard knocks – mental and physical – that come from going through childhood into adulthood, over and over again.- —

What we start now is in relationship to what has already been. What we start now, we start compelled by fear and opportunity in equal measure. What we start now, has love at it’s worried little heart.

We would like to be doing the right thing.

Here is one from filmmaker -David Lynch:

-I don’t think that people accept the fact that life doesn’t make sense. I think it makes people terribly uncomfortable. It seems like religion and myth were invented against that, trying to make sense out of it. –

And that’s an interesting thought for someone like Lynch who makes art which describes and organizes experience.

Our experience of the New Moon in Libra is going to speak for itself. Also you might dredge up something to say.

Mercury goes back. She wants to open that delicious looking can of worms.
Should you watch your mouth? Sure, watch it. Words these days are very sharp. Don’t cut at random. Dotted lines only.

Do speak up though. Doing something is going to be infinitely superior to trying to hold this energy. Make a conscious choice. You probably have some pretty strong feelings. Now is a chance to set your intention, to use them for good.

Whatever the negotiation, try, if you are at all able, to keep an ultimatum free zone.

-Terror is as much a part of the concept of truth as runniness is of the concept of jam. We wouldn’t like jam if it didn’t, by its very nature, ooze. We wouldn’t like truth if it wasn’t sticky, if, from time to time, it didn’t ooze blood.- Jean Baudrillard said that, and I’ll say it too.

To keep your balance, do what is practical.

We have had a lot of quotes this time, I’ll add one more

Italo Calvino writes:

-A person’s life consists of a collection of events, the last of which could also change the meaning of the whole, not because it counts more than the previous ones but because once they are included in a life, events are arranged in an order that is not chronological but, rather, corresponds to an inner architecture.-

Can you take a breath now?

Can you take a moment to remember how very inseparable we are? Very, very close and with room for everyone, for the microcosm of the worlds inside your body, all your cells, busy, moving, alive, the tiny things, blades of grass and the ants who populate that territory, these planets that we talk about, it’s fun to remember that they are actually physically massive and spinning in space.

Everything in motion, inexplicably linked and alive. Let’s take another breath, as precarious as it all is, it’s still so good to feel the air come in and out of our bodies. I’m so glad you are alive and breathing here with us.

Love YOU!!!


I mean…

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Simple ‘Scopes & A Podcast: Aries Full Moon October 1, 2020

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This one is for you. For who you have been, for who you are becoming, to use for taking action, for the triumph of Authenticity, for being willing to renegotiate the terms on which you live your life. And importantly for not sacrificing yourself, but rather offering your own heart as a gift to your own mind.


You may feel powerless to stop, well, anything at all, and confused by what you have started. Whoever it is that is supposed to call you, is not going to hang up the phone anytime soon. Have some faith in the process.


How comfortable are you with a bumpy ride? How much tension is there between what you wish for, and your current set of resources? You know what they say Kittens, -It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll-


Firing squad or beauty pageant? All lined up either way. Whatever makes contact, listen, learn, and then look into your own eyes to see your own truth. Center on your breath.


Go ahead. That’s right, proceed. It’s a green light on a road with epic roadwork. Proceed with caution. Do what you can.


So many mysteries, and at the heart of it a story about who you have already been and already loved. Or I could say about a legacy of family entanglement and money. All part of the mix.


How you feel about partners and enemies, where do you draw what lines. The rules you rewrite now, will empower you.


Sending messages? Who is receiving? The strength you gather from past alliances will help secure your sense of self. Your mind is waking up to so many realites, give yourself enough time to fit them into place.


Here come the dominoes! Keep breathing, somehow you need this, this risk, and this honesty, to move ahead.


It’s all about getting the knife out of your heart and acknowledging what you can’t escape.


Like the edge of a cliff, it’s all downhill from here! Kidding. Not exactly kidding, but you do have some pretty good gear. Hang glide, parachute, could be ropes, hooks, and axes, moving carefully watching out in case of avalanche.


Where you already got hurt may yet need repair. AND just because they like you, doesn’t mean you like them back. It’s complicated tho. It doesn’t mean you don’t like them either. What it means is you have learned how to read.

Love YOU!!!


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October 1, 2020, Full Moon in Aries

Cough it up.

Gross, right? Well maybe, but is it as gross as keeping it in?
I’m not sure you have a choice anyway. This Full Moon happens, and you will have both the power and awareness to do some deep level processing.

It could be about money or sex, or death.

Where does power come from?

What has biology been teaching you all this time?

What have people in positions of authority made you swallow?

Like a pulled tooth, that has met the final pliers, like an oozy splinter, get it out. If it’s ugly, does that mean you could be beautiful later?

What do your values tell you about who you are?

Aha moment?
Patterns, puzzles become relevant.

We become very aware of what we have and do not have, in the realm of interpersonal relationships.

Libra always wants to know who is coming with me?

This Full Moon in Aries you find out. It’s a revision, mashed with a revelation: the story is not even sort of over.

Maybe that’s one of the beautiful things about you.

That’s how it starts, with the hope that things can change. It takes a lot of individuals to rewire human consciousness, to release limitations around what is and is not possible.

Look how strong you are, recognizing patterns, altering perceptions, shifting your goddamn paradigms every time you need to grow.

Here is what it looks like: deep interpersonal, in some cases intergenerational familial programming alteration.

You do it differently, and as you do, you find out if you want what you have set out to get. You probably do want it on some level, but this moment is not the final answer.

Instead, it’s where the seam rips.

Backing up into traffic. Work work work with what you have. Spit it out, open it up. Undeniable.

– Octavio Paz wrote

I heard my blood, singing in its prison,
and the sea sang with a murmur of light,
one by one the walls gave way,
all of the doors were broken down,
and the sun came bursting through my forehead,
it tore apart my closed lids,
cut loose my being from its wrappers,
and pulled me out of myself to wake me
from this animal sleep and its centuries of stone.

You have been in an ongoing battle for the survival of your own interior life, your own perception, which has shaped your particular actions.

It could be about money, or sex, or a death, or murder, or the dead, family lineage, on your father’s side.

Where does power come from?

What has biology been teaching you all this time?

You know how Athena does, bursting out of Zeus’ head because it’s time? That’s how this Full Moon do.

Oddly enough Athena wants to know what do you need? Where are your needs met?
Most importantly, are you allowed to need?

Patterns, & puzzles become relevant.

Pallas Athena conjuncts Jupiter. Juno and Mercury unearth deep philosophy, together they figure it out. This is about boundaries, power structures.

It’s not just about understanding the why, it’s the release. There is an almost audible pop!

You fight your negative patterning, I think you win. And what happens? Saturn is on the move: consequences bitchez.

If I were titling this Moon as a dissertation, I could call it:

– Towards Facilitating and Embracing the Results of a Creative Struggle in Interpersonal and Intergenerational Patterning-

Simone de Beauvoir writes:

– A normal existence – what could be more irrational? It’s fantastic the number of things you’re forced not to think about in order to go from one end of the day to the other without jumping the track! And the number of memories that have to be driven from your mind, the truths that have to be evaded!-

Listen: you may have to go back into it in order to do the right thing. And when you do that, something new is created, IN YOU. Something new is who you are, because you have enlarged your capacity for change, for struggle. That’s Alchemy.

In the ongoing battle for the survival of your own interior life, your own perception, and therefore your actions, it’s a moment of culmination. What you have is the ability to protect yourself. To CARE about yourself in action.

Are you about to go back and fix where fear has followed you?

SELF WORTH is the actual name of this Full Moon in Aries. It’s a LOVE STRUGGLE, and there IS love and you grow because of it.

You know how scientists are always discovering new tiny animals, or underwater plants, new parts of space, new ways to describe the qualities of what surrounds us, what has always been in motion, and always been right here?

For this Full Moon in Aries we participate. No one sits this one out. It’s a full contact sport and we engage with our lives.

Let’s take a deep breath and be exactly where we are now. Let’s be here together, inseparable from the limitless power of creation.

In every conceivable imagining, we are in this place, right now, right here, all together. There is no meaningful way to separate the vibrations of your molecules from the vibrations of the molecules surrounding you. Let’s go ahead and take another breath.

I’m so glad you are alive and breathing here with us.

Love YOU!!!





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