For all my new and old friends & accomplices,
Welcome to O!Lighting Astrology!
I’m so happy you’ve arrived!

HERE you will find information about me, and rave reviews of my blog posts.
HERE information about and reviews of the services I provide,
HERE hi-lights from the blog,

If you are:

* wondering about career prospects
* making a move
* curious about your own or a loved one’s natal chart
* dealing with relationship dynamics
* struggling with interpersonal or family conflicts
* coming to terms with destructive childhood patterns
* exploring the deeper aspects of your personality
* seeking to activate your higher potential
* trying to turn on your luck
* looking to increase your ability to attract what is right for you
* curious when the time will be right to meet someone new
* wanting to encourage your life to blossom and thrive

I can help you!

Using Astrology we can activate your own natural ability to strengthen, heal, and grow. I can provide you with clarity, hope, guidance, and relief. Together we can re-connect you to yourself on a deep level, to give you the confidence you need to succeed.


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