Outer Planets, Uranus Square Pluto


The Personal planets are no match for the Outer planets.
They are not supposed to be.
Outer planets do in fact touch individual lives. Of course!
But the configurations they make in the sky,
moving as slowly as they do define the ~shape of our generations~
Venus, happy as she is, for a brief spell in Taurus,
Can to nothing to alter Uranus in Aries retrograding back,
to Square Pluto in Capricorn.

These are our times.

It would almost have been unrealistic
to think we could have five planets in Aries under tremendous tension,
without bombs/war/murder.

but nobody wants to think this, least of all me.
I’m with those always looking for the positives, it’s not wasted energy.
We need that as much as anything,
people willing to help and care, to align themselves with what good
we can create and discover.

As planets move out of a sign,
the final intent of the planetary configuration is revealed.
Uranus (sudden) will be in Aries (war) for a long time yet,
Until 2018


When ~This Time~ is all over,
we will have finished with the destruction (pluto) of the old structure (capricorn)
Pluto is in Capricorn until 2023

Uranus in Taurus should be pretty mind blowing,
off the charts creativity and what… a new form of currency?

For now, as the stellium in Aries, god of war, brakes up, dominoes fall.
In particular as we move from the spark (aries) to the manifestation (taurus)

As just about every astrologer EVER has pointed out,
these years are a cocktail of two parts American Revolution Astro, (Boston)
(Pluto was last in Capricorn 1762-1778), one part the sky circa the 1960’s
Both shaken and stirred.

a fight for control?
you bet.

Authority cracking down and simultaneously crumbling
…who did this? why?
The purpose of violence is destabilization,
… who steps up to stabilize?

who to trust?
Mikey has said so much on this topic and all of it brilliant.
I love his combination of clarity, humor, and depth.

…maybe I just need some distance, but

It blows my mind that we are talking about the sky,
planets in the sky.

We on our planet, Earth move through cycles that can be measured.
Everyday the Sun rises, we see it there up in the sky.
Earth spins and seasons change.

Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn are asking an awful lot.
What they offer is tremendous, but it doesn’t come easy.
Uranus in Aries, is not just brilliant new ideas, but
a sudden fight, sudden war, sudden death.

This is where we have to love each other.
To be open to the world around us.
Where connecting to others means so much.
This is where we have to draw on the support and trust that we do have.
This is where our patience and our generosity are real.

Love YOU!!!! So Much!!!!


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