Outer Planets Direct + Jupiter & Merc. Are Retro



Let’s not forget that Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto are all retrograde.



Capricorns, Scorpions, Aries, Aquarians,
and Those cute Little Fishes, have been all swimming the scenic route,
and so too their counterparts, dealing with partner fallout confusion…
The Virgins, Crabs, Tauri, Libra, and Leo’s,
and if you want to get into squares… we are all in the soup!

Read this, if you have not done so already,
Neptune Retro & November 3rd New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio.

Consider that the last half of this year
will shake out the kinks in scenarios that are kinked pretty tight.

Lost? Not any more.
well soon anyway

Pluto is Direct on September 20th
Neptune is Direct, on November 13,
Uranus is Direct December 17th.

What we gain in Outer Planets,
we lose in Jupiter, (retro November 7- March 6th)

Merc spends a supernaturally long time in the Scorpion this year.
Merc retro in Scorpio (October 21- November 10)
Swim Deep or get the F*ck out the pool.

Pluto has been Retrograde since April 12th,
just consider!


Cardinal Achievers, Capricorns and Crabs,
Aries and Libra, I know you have been feeling it!

The day after the Pisces Full Moon,
Pluto turns direct,
We have the Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus,
I’ve listed out more aspects HERE

The gist of it is: We move forward with intent.
These are not half steps or meaningless conversations.
Mars trines Moon/Uranus, Mercury is still in Libra.
Action * Relationships * Balance * Justice

The image I have is something being written in stone rather than water.
Sure, a stone can break, but that takes a lot of doing, now doesn’t it.

I don’t mind Jupiter in Crab going retro, as the Outer Planets move ahead.


We reformulate:
Our Judgments, Perspectives, Our Compassion, regarding those closest to us.

Where to best place our energy, and our hopes and dreams,
in the light of the new realities being born?

As the Outer Planets shake the earth,
it seems a good moment to go back, to pause.

an inner perspective.

Jupiter rules our not only our optimism,
it’s also the lens that shows us what is possible,
what we believe is possible, our morals, world view.
It is at this inner level that it will operate in retrograde.

Consider also, that Jupiter is the old Ruler of Pisces!
How like those fish to have one ruler moving back, and one, (finally) ahead.


As Neptune goes direct on the 13th of November,
Venus conjuncts Pluto, tightly sextiled by Chiron,
Neptune at 2 degrees Pisces,
trines a newly direct Mercury at 3 degrees Scorpio,
with the Sun et all in Scorp to Match.

At this point we have Mars in Virgo,
supporting Saturn, 16 degrees to Saturn’s 15.
The Sun trines Jupiter, Scorp to Crab at 20 to 21.

Moon Conjunct Uranus in Aries, (again!just as it was for pluto direct)
which Squares Pluto conjunct Venus!

If there are losses sustained and there may be
death of relationship is a possibility,
but then again, so is surprise pregnancy!
a re-commitment? a boost of freedom?
It’s an emotional day with far reaching consequences.
We won’t be bored.


Lastly, Uranus Direct on December 17th comes with a bright flame,
On the Full Moon!
(anyone notice a theme here?!)
Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Gemini,
which moves from a T-Square: Uranus/Pluto, Libra Mars
rapidly in to a Cardinal Grand Cross,
as the Moon scoots over to Crab by evening,
the grand cross is full on, by the 18th.

So all three Outer Planets Direct,
Neptune close to the New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio,
Uranus and Pluto each with Full Moons.
Sagittarius, and Pisces respectively.

Water Signs are key to the Lunations.
Think not just neptune, but jupiter in crab ruling sag and pisces…
and not only pluto, but mars ruling scorp.

The Scorps and Crabs I see, are actually growing stronger in vision
and self control, even as they feel they can not take another step.


Why so emphatic, Sky?

The aspects of 2013/2014, make the last 2years look like warm up laps.
Pre-game confidence builders.

It’s not that we will be more or less destroyed, no way!
It’s just that as Ren would say at 4:24

I only got you the clip for that choice sentence…
you don’t have to watch beyond unless you are 8 years old, or on drugs.

Actually now that I think of it, for those of you who made it to the end…
or just know how it goes…

The Entrance of Pluto to Capricorn in 2008
was the History Eraser Button Exactly.

Capricorn = History * Pluto = Death.

‘Course the life Capricorn makes is always in the present,
working hard for the future, by using the past.

Think of Pluto in Cap, as having to go deeper (pluto)
or having to kill (pluto again) your past, or your fears (capricorn)
or your compulsions (pluto) in order to have any kind of future all.

Uranus in Aries will help with that, but I digress.

The more I look at the sky for fall and winter,
the more heavily choreographed things appear.

The precision is Godlike! (lol)

Over and over what is being asked of us is simple to know, if not to do.


nothing less.

The more you realize there can be nothing to lose,
as nothing is yours to keep,
the easier it gets.


How do you know when to hold on, and when to let go?

Never try to make anyone do anything.
Set your own goals.
Respect those you trust.
Go as deep as you can.
Wake whatever is sleeping in you.
Believe yourself when you hear the answer.

You can, unfortunately, waste time or talent,
but you can never be too loving or too kind.

If you do whatever you are doing,
from the core of your being, and without malice,
you are doing it right.

That’s it! Whew! Congrats if you read it all!!!
I’ll break it down in the dailies as we go along, but your overview,
c’est fini

Love YOU!!!


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2 Responses to Outer Planets Direct + Jupiter & Merc. Are Retro

  1. Sophiepiscesmoon says:

    wow…this is a lot to take in…so much happening. Please can you link back to this post as we go along at key intervals as a refresher?…I feel I can’t get my head around it all now!! Also thank you for the venus in scorpio post. I understand my 8th house venus in aries a bit better now. I think it is hard to please the demands it makes..the two images you used really sum it up! xoxo

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Sophiepiscesmoon,

      Nice to hear from you! You are so welcome! 8th House Venus in Aries is a very strong desire nature. Attracted to power.Potent.
      There is! There is so much happening in the sky! I will def link it It’s kind of a ridic post, because it is so long and unwieldy. I’ll try to condense my thoughts and post those as well. The precision and beauty of the sky is just stunning right now. I hope it opens as many doors as it closes. <3 xox

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