Our Full Moon In Scorpio on the 3rd of May


I thought THIS take on Tarot was interesting. The project is complicated.
You could find a bone to pick…
actually I could.

In some cases the people look like props,
and that’s huge, that’s a huge problem on multiple levels.

True also, there are quite a few arresting images.


How do we live in the archetypes that populate our minds?

What constructs do we allow to govern our perception?
creating what we understand as… wait for it….

Who is ready for the Scorpio Moon?
Not all one way. Depth.
Richness, that makes a bond.
thickened with blood.

Where there is passion, there is…
it’s more than possibility, more than intimacy,

What seeps in uninvited?
Or invited only by the unconscious?

Scorpio Moon Full Moon on Sunday the 3rd of May.

Time to make a big commitment.
Maybe you already did.
You will see it now, plain.

oldie, but a goodie:

For our Full Moon In Scorpio

Jupiter in LEO squares the Sun and Moon,

It’s big opera!

Mercury opposes Saturn.

Its serious! Codified thinking.
Align your commitments and your values.
A pinned butterfly. Delays, shutdowns. Ethics.

Pluto trines the Sun, and inconjuncts Jupiter.

strong medicine

Neptune is inconjunct the North Node

a jolt! the dream or the loss of the dream!

Chiron sextiles Mars,

authentic passion


The Moon trines Neptune and sextiles Pluto.

open to bliss and those dark possibilities,
what small temptations and big promises?

Venus out on her own, incongruously capricious.

Is it a revelation, or a type of resignation she bows her head to?

A solution requiring big picture acceptance?

Clever is the word for this Venus.
Charm doesn’t stand on it’s own, but makes a solid opener,
Deep needs are met with tactical and perhaps practical solutions.


~Each landscape is a state of mind, he once told me: mountains for awe and remoteness, meadows for calm and the steam of the lulled senses. But some views are slippery. This place is both beautiful as the sun and full of menace: dark green, with now and then a red splotch, like a punctured vein, white like a flare; stench of the half-eaten. Look at it carefully, see what it hides, or it will burst in your head. -Margaret Atwood~

Happy May!
Have a Beautiful Weekend!!!

Love YOU!!!!


Jeremy Neal over at Chriotic Journal is back with a nice piece on Rulership Theory!

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