OOooooo… I lost my grip….

I lost my grip, I balanced it on a piece of paper…..

Yukimi Nagano sings that, very apt for today, as in what to avoid

I found the vid. of surfers soothing,

I think that is my best advise for us all

Soothe Yourself

Everyone is torqued kind of tight.

For sure some knickers are twisted.

Let’s love and enjoy who and where and what we can.

This put a smile on my face. I went to college with Peter. He’s a good man.

I think this Video suits today for the Moon is in Taurus, headed over to Gemini,

We’ve got Taurus for the physical hottness, and Gemini, for the variety…

I think it is nicely done for Peter’s chart.
He is a Gemini Sun, Taurus Moon, with Mars in Sagg.
It’s his outer planet Virgo pile up (Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto) keeping him looking modest on the shoot.

Relax as best you can, please yourself, then please someone else,
and you know, get the job done.



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