On Your Way to the Aries Full Moon, October 14, 2016




Breathe into it?

If you take everything that happens over the next few days as allegory,

as diagnostic,
as augury,
or portent,

what will it tell you?

What will you learn?

This Full Moon arrives with an event, a message, a surprise, a shift, a change, a chance,
and it’s not the least bit subtle, I described it HERE as when the sky goes boom.

But is there a message behind the message?

You tell me!

Alright, I’ll tell you too


Long term thinking
Being willing to tighten your belt to achieve your goals.
Inner discipline.
Recognizing value when you see it.*
The go-for-it moment that requires you to keep your balance while others lose it.

Meanwhile, be safe. Drive safe, work safe.
Life shows itself to be extra accident prone, and it doesn’t need any help from you!

Love you!!!!


*yes even in the face of annihilation

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