Oh, is that reality sliding around?

The energy is loose and loopy.
Yeah, the details are holding it down.

You still have to take care of biz,
feed the dog, or whatever it is you do,
that’s the energy holding the whole shebang together…

Lest anything at all take place,
Lest we swim off to god knows where on a current of god knows what…

Pisces man! Neptune!

Zach Condon of Beriut has Venus and Mercury in Pisces, and Neptune trine his Sun Jupiter in Aqua.

Jamie Liddell is a Virgo: the other side of the coin.
Sun and Jupiter trine Neptune as well…. it’s that urge for escape…

Personally I feel the Pisces “Whatev Man” vibe
completely helping to chill me out
with what could otherwise feel like circus level chaos.

All those Earth Planets are helping too… even you Mars Retro in Virgo
(damn it)

… coming on Thursday Full Moon in Virgo,

Catching support from Venus and Jupiter in Taurus.
Uranus in Aries conjunct Mercury in the same,
new ideas, new ways of handling them

An easy day?
I dunno, more like a trippy interesting one…

There are rewards.
The rewards of chance and change
The rewards of friends and family
The rewards of a challenge well met

and a little boat to climb into and a dream to sail off to take you away away away…


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