Oh Hello Pluto…. the 2nd half of September


Pluto wakes up. Officially direct on the evening of September 22,
but you can hear it rumbling now.


Gears grind, wheels turn.
Things that happen on a biological level
Things that happen without the grace of higher logic,
instead animal power, the strength of something beyond necessity.

Lizard Brain.
what do you suppose dinosaurs knew beyond eating and f*cking?
It’s more than that.…though no mistake… it IS that too.

Who you would save if the house was on fire?

It’s every trick you try,
& where the house of cards falls if you fool yourself.

Your fear trigger, & your fear response.
Gritty mechanics.

It’s whatever is left that won’t die,
the stubborn weed that even evil roundup could never kill.

The things we share… sex and money.
What are they? Intimacy.

…and what is the power which can never be taken from you?
What is intrinsically your own?

Absolute honesty at best,
& worst?
Pure manipulation.
Who winds up manipulated?

and YET, honest as you are,
what is this strange position you find yourself taking?
Pay attention, there is something for you here.


Pluto wakes to trine a Virgo pile up on September 22.
Moon/Venus and the Virgo Sun’s last sparkle,
Ms Fix it, and the Clean Up Crew have arrived.

* * *



Mars in Sagittarius begins to look at Jupiter’s dreams in earnest…
a leap of Faith?


Coming soon to a theater very near you.
and staring someone inescapably dear to your heart…

yes. I DO mean YOU!

The one and only.
Chiron backs up to poke Jupiter. You are worth it!



The Sun moves to Libra September 22nd
We will have the New Moon in Libra on the 24th.
with the beginnings of a building Fire Trine: Mars/Uranus/Jupiter

That’s our kick off!
Intense times for a loooong while
Celestial happenings -R- US


Mercury decamps to Scorpio the 27th of September

Venus gilds her lily,
graciously accepts her tiara,
and smiles winningly at a rather stubborn, seductive, impulsive and passionate crew,
as she moves to Libra on September 29th.

With Mercury in Scorpio as Pluto’s agent,
the artful machinations could begin…
the scene behind the scene. but for a short time only…
instead it’s more likely that we have a hit of scorpionic truth boosted by Neptune’s knowing and come to our senses to deal with it.
Mercury retro brings us back in to Cardinal Libra,
lasting decisions with the heavy hitters in the outer planet crew,
+ a mid-month Cardinal Grand Cross with the Moon in Crabcakes.

I wrote on Friday Looking Around the Corner,
sort of a heads up, Oh LOOK: Eclipse Zone Ahead type deal.
But really it is time to start your October preparedness regimen now.

Whatever you feel will be a factor, will prob. be a factor,
but with Uranus in the Eclipse pattern, you can count on a surprise as well.
This week is not too early.
Everyone gets a surprise!


Mercury retro begins October 4,

If you have plans requiring paperwork:

buying and selling,
marriage or divorce,

by all means, finish it now in September, if ever at all you can.

October asks a lot of everyone in it,
and not to frighten you, but I pray that we will all continue to be around to live it.
So that’s it, you’re up, you’re on. Go you!

Love YOU!!!!


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2 Responses to Oh Hello Pluto…. the 2nd half of September

  1. Teresa says:

    “October asks a lot of everyone in it,
    and not to frighten you, but I pray that we will all continue to be around to live it.”
    Care to elaborate? I’m picking up Cali tsunami/Dia De Los Muertos.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hi Teresa,

      Thanks for writing! Cali tsunami is a possibility that I have heard from several people. The Chart for the 23 of October, makes a strong argument for news from the ocean, as does November 1st. I was thinking less specifically, with Saturn and Pluto/Uranus positioned as they are for these rather major eclipses, the effects are personal, but the causes are (outer planet style) impersonal, Sickness, natural disaster, car crash. Not to be a total downer, but October is high drama. There are benefits, immeasurable benefits actually. But plenty of impossible to foresee risk. xox

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