Oh Crabs!

Ok Technically the animals pictured above are not Crabs.

Mercury moves from Gemini to Cancer today.

Merc. is the planet that makes connections,

it rules your mind, siblings and short trips, you know, getting around.

It describes the way you think.

Cancer is the sign that wants to make sure we are all fed.
and so naturally rules the Moon, Tummies and Tits

Conversations take a deeper turn, and emotions come into play,

So how did you FEEL about that?

I see Cancer as rather misunderstood, generally.
The Crab is a creative sign! So many artists are Crabs.
Unlike Leo they create, not to perform, but to exist.
They create to individuate.

Cancer is a Cardinal sign,
along with Capricorn, Aries and Libra.
These guys are the movers and shakers of the Zodiac.
They initiate action.

Cancers are always in the process of being born,
and if they love you,
they will help you give birth to your true self, the YOU that you want to be.

(then you have to thank them for it! Haha!)

OH Crabs!

Cancer has been having quite a time of it in recent astro,

Pluto, Saturn and Uranus doing the complete outer planet make over workshop,
truth is, if you have a Crab in your life and they are doing alright at all,
they are doing GREAT!
Can you see how far they have come in the last 4 years?

That goes for all you Cardinal crusaders, nice work cowboys!
Lord knows it aint easy!

(You fixed and mutable sign peeps will get yours another day)

I think we should start calling them something else.

Cancer isn’t anyone’s favorite word and Crabs not super sexy either….

over at Mystic Medusa she uses Kataka, based on ye olde Sanskrit

doesn’t work for me really….

Thoughts, Suggestions… Ideas?

Love YOU!!!

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