October 9, 2013



Where do you find it?! What does it mean? Are you having any?

Opportunity is found in action.

Can’t open the door?
Put soap on the key, pull up as you turn the knob,
re-lock then try unlocking in rapid succession.

Call your friend and complain, go for a walk around the block, talk to to a stranger.

Allow the world to soften towards you.

Don’t aim into it as knight on a joust.
Open towards it, as to a summer day, with a world of wonders and buttercups,
with the leaves flying up in the air against a deep blue sky.
Open, a feeling of endless choice and chance.

Is it an act.. perhaps,
but there is no better way to deal with this ruthless bottom line.

As your breathing eases and you smile more often,
the world shifts in your direction by degrees.

Desperation doesn’t do favors and serious must not always be sad.

Love YOU!!!


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