October 7, 2015







Kind of cosmic soup for some, & a sh*t show for others.
Hard to get a perspective, when the outer planet party includes Neptune
& an extendo Mercury Storm on the north Node.

People are taking actions, that much is clear.

Virgo picks the whole thing apart.
Libra insists on fair.

Try to pan back a bit,
don’t go an eye for an eye.

How could you participate in ~cosmic justice~ ?
whatever that means

in other words, keep your balance.


That old world is finished with you, no matter how you feel about it.
& frightened people do terrifying things.

Self Preservation = A-OK
Judgement of others and actions against them = it will come back to bite you, yes, more than usual.

Dark of the Moon? Check.
Leo style sins of Pride? Check.

Best course of action?
First, do no harm.

Consider that you are wrapping up the finale of a 28/30 year cycle.
Is this how you want to do it?

To be honest,
the finale is long gone,

It’s reaction now,

what you are making of that door hitting you,
and that boot to the ass-end of whatever it was.

done Done DONE.

Don’t panic about where you are headed.
Those threads are already woven, you’ll pick them up correctly once the past is fully put down.

~ awfully blurry tho ~

Is it possible you might have to make a phone call?
It sure is.

Is it possible too, that you might want to let that opportunity slide by?

If you want to talk, I’m around.

Love YOU!!!


*ps Onda Vaga

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  1. shauna o says:

    Love this! Thank you so much

  2. Mike T says:

    Onda Vaga – agreed! Where do you find this stuff? Brilliant/Impeccable! Thanks as always 🙂

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