October 7, 2013


Who is secretly obsessing?
Every time you blink, what pops up?

Mercury, Saturn and the North Node all piled together is Scorpio.
The Scorpio Moon passing through.

Venus will arrive in Sagittarius before the day is done,
much to the relief of everyone everywhere.

There is opportunity in Sagittarius,
we will see doors open,
rather than those rusty locks we keep trying to pick.

Tuesday is a very strong day that holds a lot of interest.
Love for sale!
Or errr…
I mean for free!
I mean, real love,
fake love,
big promises!

Moon/Venus in Sag. Square Neptune in Pisces:
Jupiter rules!

How is Venus in Sag. going to manage,
when Saturn insures there is no joking around?
Everything comes with a price.
The costs/the practicalities weigh heavily.

Take the optimism where you find it.
Joy is much desired and plainly needed…
She makes an appearance.

We have two months to figure it out.

Love YOU!!!


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2 Responses to October 7, 2013

  1. Janet Kersey says:

    I love your astrology, so very different to anything else i’ve come across – is there a bit of the water-bearer jug-gling our emotions there somewhere?! very very intuitive and visual somehow which I need. Thanks and for the serendipity for swerving into your site when I did.

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