October 6, 2015


A drunk Mars is approaching Jupiter & trining Pluto.

Certain he’s sober, and in the right.
Meanwhile the Moon is in LEO.
She’s not going to put up with that, but then again, she has no choice.

You can ride that pony ’till they kick you off, but it doesn’t make you a cowboy.

Has anyone mentioned payback is a bitch?
The simplest thing may be to cut cords here.

With Mercury on the North Node, and about to turn direct, relationship altering information is coming in, but it’s not absolutely the whole story…
results will not be as intended.

Doing the wrong thing to be seen as right?

More to come.

Mars opposite Neptune,
therefore, delusions, bonbons, booze, nap, movies, & wherever the road to glamour takes you.
Sleezy? Avant Garde?

A certain apathetic confusion is to be expected.

Stay with yourself.

Love YOU!!!


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