October 5, 2012

Congratulations Libras!

If you are reading this, you made it!

Scorpios, welcome to the boot camp of the underworld.
Yes, you are about to enter hell’s own private training camp!
Capricorn’s wipe that superior smirk off your face,
you may be becoming more powerful,
but you are going to pay in push-ups and blood.
All you fixed signs: Leo, Aquarius, and Taurus you think your lives are in order?!
Well over the next two and a half years you will majorly to have to prove it!
Libras you are all going to be broke as a joke,
And oh you Crabs! Just go back to your corner and start crying again!

Hahhahahahaahaaaaa AHHHHHhhahahahahah!

Kidding you guys. Seriously Kidding.

The deal is everyone gets more powerful and begins to take apart their unconscious.
We all go on a journey to the underworld,
where we can reveal and embody our deepest passions,
and learn to focus and channel them so that they do not run our lives.

Our passionate feelings are fuel,
material that we can harness and direct to heal others and to carry us where we are going.

Intense feelings carry heavy energy, and
Intense interior energy is needed by all of us now.

As we are put under pressure, we are called to develop our inner resources.
Our inner fire. (yes I just said inner fire) sorry you guys. I’m so ashamed.


That brings me to shame, a feeling easily activated by this transit,
and I’m going to re-post an excellent video on shame by Brene Brown,
for anyone who missed it.

There may be a tendency under this transit to shut down, to refuse to feel anything,
or to hold on to resentments; to withhold energy completely
to withdraw into your evil lair.

Strength is shown not in making certain you are impenetrable and fully defended,
but from having no need to police your boundaries that tightly.

Confidence in yourself.

Actual strength is not easily threatened.
When we feel strong, it is much harder for what someone else thinks,
says or does to completely take us down.

This is trickier than it sounds when you realize we will be called upon to have intimate connections. To not go through the motions. To actually care.

Saturn in Scorpio will find all those tricky compulsions
you have lying around in your psyche.
The triggers that you are sure are all conquered will be put to the test.

Saturn in Scorpio will call on you to respond, rather than react.

Scorpio works on the deepest level, and the allies you make under this transit…
if they are solid three years from now, you can keep them for life.

Three years sounds like a long time, but today I feel like, “Oh no! It’s not!”

I want to be that strong,
to move through the Saturn in Scorpio encounter,
and emerge fully tested and solid from my core.

Who is with me?

I’m going in.

Love YOU!!!


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