October 31, 2016


The next steps come fairly easy.
You feel what’s right, where, how much, what kind.

Even if you don’t get all you want,
it’s not confusing, and there should be a sense that you are on your way.

In typical Halloween fashion, the dead seem to be everywhere,
reminding us that life is short, assistance may be unseen.

Make contact, it’s likely you will be heard.

Ethereal support deserves some recognition.
What will you do for the dead?

Are you living your life with your whole force, using all you’ve got?
Doing it the way that makes you smile?
Not for anyone else, true to your own lights?

Use it up, and more grows in the place where you picked it.
Not for nothing, you’ve been made to regenerate.

Don’t rob yourself by asking for something that’s poison for you to give,
instead you stretch into it, giving what can not be taken,

it’s your gift.

A powerful prayer, and one we can make now
Over and over, recommit.

Love YOU!!!!



read up, Zadie Smith’s got ideas!

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