October 31, 2013


hey where you headed?

Happy Hallows Eve!

Between the Dark Moon, and UsquareP,
that’s everything!


Welllllll it’s also a little ghosty.
scorp. merc retro style

The Moon is in Libra, between today and tomorrow, she will take a direct hit,
To make the T-square.



The vibe is about keeping things pleasant and functional,
as we contemplate where and who we have been, and with whom…
so where we are going.

Epiphanies show up in the Dark of the Moon.
Be generous to yourself,
take in all you can.

It’s the perfect time to give things away,
to let go.

If you find yourself at a party, or even at home,
do what feels right, take a lesson from Bernard Black.

Or give into health food, if you are craving it!
The idea is don’t make war with yourself, be kind.




for tomorrow, a post on your Eclipse!

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