October 30, 2013


do we have to be so earnest ALLLL the time?

Halloween doesn’t seem to exist this year,
being overshadowed by the combo of dark moon, low vibe,
crazytown UrainianPlutionian intensity.

everything that hangs in the balance?

Could we be suddenly develop narcolepsy as a response to stress?
Could we hibernate through the whole hit party parade?

Things are either going really well, going gangbusters
rapidly morphing speedy stop action video
or they are just not going anywhere at all.
So it seems.

It’s an illusion! Not the things going well!!! That’s legit.

The faded out stuck impatient dark moon vibe, is just that, a vibe,
not a development.
Things are moving behind the scenes: TRUE

Wanna see something super cool?

Nice, right?


uhhhhh…. what do she know?

that’s what I thought.



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