October 30, 2012

The Moon in Taurus is Void of Course. The energy is wongally. Yes. NOW that’s a word.

Plenty going on in the sky, while we float around feeling like it’s 7 Sundays all mixed up.

The Moon Void of Course always has a Neptuney vibe to me. the Past and Present seem to co-exist all random-ed up.

Venus is in Libra. YES!! She likes it there! Primp, preen, hold hands. Mercury is in Sag. Gotta just be direct, and say whatev… although with the Neptune aspects going the way they are… who is for real? Who is telling the truth…?

Venus/Pluto coming up… cue obsessions.. Merc. about to retro.. cue Zombies/friends/lovers from your past and tech glitches…

Venus Uranus Pluto T-Square, about to hit repeatedly, Neptune going to go direct, oh yeah, and a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio mid-November.

I’ll break it down as we go along.
Rest assured the pace picks up. November is nobodies stepchild. She’s a big month, gonna make October seem all sleepy and slow. Lets pretend we want that. Because we are going to get it!

For today/tonight, chillax, if you are reading this, hopefully cyclone Sandy has not been too brutal for you, if it has, sending my deepest condolences and love your way.


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