October 3, 2013


Oddly, I like the detachment.

We can’t sit around pondering and emoting all the time!


The whole album is BEAUTIFUL!!!


You know what I’m looking forward to…

By next Monday she’s in! I’ll post about it soonsoonsoon.
That’s going to lighten up the whole scene!
Venus in Sag. is upbeat and casual.

UPBEAT? CASUAL? what are those words?

Oh I can’t wait!!!

yeah yeah, tomorrow is you know what.

That’s cool.
Let’s operate from the premise of unlimited benefits.
That every single experience is a gift of unlimited value.

New Moons are beginnings!
that’s the most important part, use it!
the potential trauma aspect of the New Moon has been so hyped.

Tomorrow/Saturday/Sunday/Monday… something begins, re-begins.
It’s the restart button!

Open to it, like a very strong wind amidst the leaves.

Will we be back in the thick of it?
Well, where else?

Love YOU!!!



abundance much? I love this!

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4 Responses to October 3, 2013

  1. Tam says:

    I loved the song! It sounded like a beautiful warm Spring day.

    I’m going the 4th to get my eyes checked and order new glasses. New Moon in the 5th, t-Saturn just arrived in my 6th house. I keep waiting for something amazing to happen…..maybe tomorrow 🙂

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Tam,
      The whole album is great! I love that this is new music, too, not retro. 2013!
      New glasses will give you and everything else a new look. (lol)
      I am curious too, I see things in motion, but it’s not yet an OH WOW!
      I do feel better though. I’m not wild about dark of the moon times.
      have fun in your new glasses! xox

  2. Starbright says:

    I am a Venus in first house Sagittarius, natally. As a third decan Libra, I will be experiencing my Venus and Mars return on my birthdaywith Venus conjuncting Venus and Mars conjuncting Mars. Something is coming, I just don’t know what but I can feel it. Then as a Libra, I’m getting ready for that long, long transit of Mars in my sun sign. Whew!

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Starbright,

      It is such a pivotal year! That’s a fun thing to have Venus and Mars returns on your birthday! Mars in Libra will be just endless! It’s wild! What will Libras do with everyone?! It’s going to be fascinating! xox

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