October 29, 2014


It is taking us time to assimilate the new information.
~Retracing steps~

This is how you got here. And now you are….


Mars in Capricorn moves slowly.
Fear or doubts may be a factor.

Do you have to excel or there is no use trying?

Can you begin, despite threats of an uncertain outcome?
Over then next few days we will tighten loose screws.

By the 31st a confirmation:
Libra Mercury conjunct the North Node trine the Moon in Aquarius.
Distance to see into the future….
I think the pass lies through those mountains…

Today: Aries Uranus square Capricorn Moon Pluto

Is that a jolt, or a sinkhole?
A jolt that propels you into a sinkhole?
Maybe it’s the recognition of depth,
a lever that puts you on solid ground
grateful for your capacity to extend infinitely, to encompass the unseen.

The balance of power has shifted.

Money. Time. Fear.

We recalibrate.


Love YOU!!!!


Who has won the war and lost every battle along the way?
Can we start a club?

* Capricorn Sun/Mercury, Crab Moon/Pluto trine Uranus, Eartha Kitt <3

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