October 29, 2013


Scorpio Mercury Conjunct Scorpio Saturn,
g’head and click these if you haven’t already.

You don’t have to talk today,
but if you do talk…
make it count.

Can you have a policy that is both generous and fair?
Can you construct your negotiations on an ethical basis?

~What or Who is it, that you can’t get out of your mind?~

How does that contrast with your bottom line, or should I say the dotted line…


To Whom?

Can you count yourself among the people to whom you are committed ?

Moon Mars in Virgo trine Pluto opposite Chiron

Take considered action, not against, for.
For what? For what you want.

Uranus square Pluto… SO MUCH! hahahaha!
We are right there in it!

Take into account that your life should be changing, that life is change.
right along with long term thinking. so weird so true

The little changes, the small kindnesses make bigger changes possible.

What if nothing happens today?
what if you feel more deeply than ever that, well,
it all matters so much, that in the end…


In that case, remember, your Eclipse is coming, this week say goodbyes,
we won’t be here for long.

I jazzed up your fall and winter preview to cover more and go farther,
all the way to New Years now. To check it, go HERE!

want more?
Read This, on Outer Planets Direct, and Jupiter Retro.



Love YOU!!!


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