October 27, 2014 Mars in Capricorn, Post Eclipse


Here we are on the other side of the river.
Post Eclipse

What’s over here?
Look around…

Mars in Capricorn!

There will be conflict AND there will be control in November.
Played out against a background that pits Leo against Scorpio
and rubs them together.
Want versus Need,
how to open doors to the new, while maintaining your old responsibilities.
Promises will catch up to us like as not.

For now, we use the Mars in Cap. discipline to get what we want.
Sandwiched between Sun/Venus in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces…
Which dreams become real because you take action?


Color drains out, we see silhouettes stark, sharp.
A clear thought, bell sound.
Meanwhile a world of perception continues unregulated,
immoral or likely amoral, a wild impossible thread.
What use is perception?


I wrote this via text to my bestie yesterday:

~XXXX still haunts me. More than anyone, which is weird because when we first got together it felt like nothing at all… not important… Everyone’s role is a mystery to me except you. ~ Yeah… Like why should **** have rescued me so many times, and be so awful and impossible? Someone should write a book about life as it really is without true roles, instead, with the wretched complexity that is so inspiring and infuriating, and above all demoralizing. I would love to read that. They could call it True Life Story.* ~

She wrote back
~ It’s true that our roles are really just to survive.
Singular biological role: temporary mothers and husbands etc… but just temporary.~


Scorpionic morality is central to survival.
The will to live,
one of the gifts Scorpio brings to their psychic surgery.
When A Scorpio operates on you,
all primal principals are brought to life.
Resurrection? Oh Yes.

Post Eclipse, look around…
What made it through the eye of the needle?
You’ll know soon enough when your belly begins to grow.

Dig Deeper

Scorpio’s lesson is always to know what you can control, and what you can not.
With Mars and Pluto both in Capricorn, that goes double time.
Self-control: It’s beautiful.

Mercury Direct, but still full of kinks.
On November 29th- 1st, Mercury conjuncts the North Node
That answer is the answer.

Love YOU!!!


Sagittarius Moon this morning.
Get out of the house/office! Go your own way!

*To my mind, James Baldwin and Roberto BolaƱo come closest.
But who can resist the occasional comforting morality in art?
No matter how unlikely, I’m looking at you, Tolstoy!

AND, as most know, the deeper morality is embedded in your life, the simpler, more beautiful, and perhaps embarrassingly, but most rewardingly of all for those of us who tend to take the long way around, the faster puzzle pieces fall into place without false confusion or a near dishonest expenditure of energy.

True true and true again.
Sometimes you need the detour to find out what you just didn’t know.
You knew it intellectually, but you had to learn it viscerally.

Is there such a thing as fate?

That’s enough of a circular argument for one morning.



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