October 26, 2015


Before I write about this week,
Happy Scorpio! & our Full Moon in Taurus,
Let’s do a recap.


What a week for Mercury problems,
this past one was for the record books.

Key Word?

that continues.

The changing of positions,

an absurdist violent musical chair style re-shuffuling according to new perception,
and genuine informational revelation.

Some old bills were paid, and one or two people had the past catch right up to them!
Old friends or lovers called or texted, family showed up from out of town.

Our primary themes:

Sex, Death, and Value as enacted in power dynamics.

also, Plumbing problems!
Thanx Pluto

The Gemini/Sagittarius, & Virgo/Pisces angles made a strong showing.

Random Messages, Accidents and Situationals!

Neptune encouraged tsunamis and flooding, my roof leaked!
Uranus made many of the above a sudden surprise.

ALSO, Lies and the Liars who tell them,


that eternal trio of Miss Mercuries:
Miss-information, Miss-communication, and Miss-understanding
They were on it! Not a chance of being left out of the party.
About half the time, they Were the party.

The streets in my town were full of accidents, most notably around the schools.
An elderly woman was hit, and the car continued to drive with her on the windshield!
We also had death threats, (possibly racist) and an unrelated kidnapping on the street outside the oldest catholic girls school in the USA… or that’s what I heard anyway, (Saturn in Sagittarius, represent.)

Secondary themes
Religion, Knowledge, Sacrifice, Service, Forgiveness Transcendence, Charity.
Was there friendship and were there good deeds?

There WAS. There WERE.

What of the Jupiter Venus conjunction?

Big love?
Virgo desires to be very bad, I mean very good, but she hates to gamble,
Jupiter makes a push, takes a chance, it opens a door, or perhaps it’s the follow up conversation that keeps the door open.

With Chiron opposing Venus/Mars/Jupiter, there was a balm on the wound,
but the wound was intrinsic to the experience.
Processing pain was a core element of the proceedings.

Careless risks in self gratification.
Some fortunate and some really not so,
(You can’t un-f*ck it),
along with an inclination to another slice of pie.

Something has changed.
I guess it HAD to. The more you know….

The bloom is going to be off the rose, more than it’s on this year.

Anyone want to join me on These Planets?

Love YOU!!!


I’ll be back soon about the Full Moon.


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5 Responses to October 26, 2015

  1. jgirl says:

    Lies and the Liars who tell them – felt this BIG TIME over the weekend unfortunately. caught the Gemini in a lie and I threw the hammer down. Saturn was conj his Neptune exact and opposing his sun… while the square to Neptune is building. I wasn’t expecting it at all though (Uranus on my IC opposing mercury on my Saturn/MC), and was hoping the venus/Jupiter/mars conjunction would be GOOD but with that chiron opposition in my 3H, and the Saturn/Neptune shizz, it brought things to a different type of head. Saturn will oppose my venus at 5 gem, but I already have felt it. I don’t know if its over with us for good, but I know the old era is over for good, and that needed to happen. Saturn will oppose his Saturn at 8 sag, and the chart for when that hits looks rather interesting, with mercury and the sun in sag by that time too. it will be my mars return at 12 libra, and venus will be conj my moon at 28 libra that day. im hoping it happened to cut the old tie that was based on lower vibrations, so that there can be a rebirth based on higher vibrations. im working on bringing myself into alignment and letting go.

    • jgirl says:

      Neptune is trining my 7 degree cancer sun exact though, so im trying to reap the most positive benefits of the Neptune energy… psychic, dreams, manifestation…

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey jgirl,

      Thanks for writing! I’m sorry that’s what came up for you, but it’s always better to know, yes? Letting go of the past is a good plan! It’s the only way to open up to the future. Letting go of controlling the outcomes, opening up to see what there is. xoxox

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