October 23, 2012, A New Year

How about a New Year starting NOW?

This came up for me yesterday, and astrologically I think it’s a supreme idea!

As the Sun is now in SCORPIO along with Mercury and Saturn, we are diving deep, deep into the territory this year has to offer.

It’s some pretty f*cking primal territory. I like it!

People are easily confused about Scorpio.
It goes like this:

How can Scorp. be both the sign of authenticity and the sign of betrayal and intrigue, I mean right?

I’m going to set you straight. All signs, ANY sign is the journey to becoming what that sign centers on.

Leo is the journey to self-expression, to creative performance, which as anyone who is a performer knows, is a channel for higher expression; it’s not all about you. Virgo is the journey to perfection, to being whole in and of oneself, the journey to discernment, that’s why-come Virgo can get lost in the details. Pisces is the journey to being at one with the universe, that’s the way they can get easily waylaid or confused. Aries is the journey to boldly initiating new actions, and that is the mechanism by which they sometimes are stuck fighting the same old battles over and over.

With Scorpio, {HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCORPIO!!!!!} A Scorpio is On the Journey to absolute Depth and Healing, to Complete Authenticity; Power that comes from WITHIN, regeneration, and tremendous uncompromising Strength of Will.

On the way to understanding, accepting and negotiating the depths of absolute loyalty and honesty, there might just be some power plays and intrigue, some deception, some testing of what all that really means. This is Scorpio territory, and like all signs we learn by doing.

Above all Scorpio wants DEPTH. The hit of strong feeling that lets you know you are alive.

Scorpio is a Yin, Fixed, Water sign ruled by Mars and Pluto. Scorpio acts, plots, strategizes and pulls you in. Scorpios and people with strong Pluto provide deep energetic healing support to those around them. Under the Scorpio heading we find, sex, re-birth, healing, death, shared money, piss, shit, and some family secrets…. let’s just say it gets real… When Scorp/Pluto leaves the building the power goes out!

I want to give a special shout out to M, who suggested burning bridges.
Burn some and Build some

For it is the true heart connections we make that will sustain us through this challenging time.

oh, also….


Happy New Year Scorpios!!!

Streamline your sensibility.
Saturn is going to make you STRONG.

Love YOU!!!



that macklemore song brought to you by Mars in Sagittarius!

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  1. sophiepiscesmoon says:

    Always enjoy your descriptions of Scorpio which reach to the core. First house Plutonian me. Very happy it is Scorpio season, feeling stronger on my path!

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