October 22, 2012,

Ever the dreamer, we stand with our arms open to possibility …and so
possibilities arise…

Let them come today and show you just how vividly
dreams can be put into practice this week.

Will you have far to fall?

Not always,
as your aspirations become clearer, as your heart speaks louder, listen and learn.
The best teacher is you.

sometimes not getting what we want is the best stroke of luck.
getting what we want feels pretty great too.

Moon in Aquarius today: It’s a good day to notice what you are thinking.
Jot down a note or two and consider this,

The Sun moves to Scorpio over night…

Neptune in Pisces, Beautiful Neptune in Pisces….
To trine the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio so soon.
By Thursday the Moon will be in Pisces too.

Today, Johnny Hartman and John Coltrane:
Neptune is in Pisces, Venus is in Virgo, Saturn is in Scorpio,
and one last little day of the Libra Sun.



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