October 20, 2014


Still Post and Pre-Eclipse, in the in between zone.

Retro-Mercury conjunct the North Node, sextile Jupiter.
What important messages came through yesterday and today?

Not quite able to land yet…


Love YOU!!!




from the sublimely ridic TurqNay Universe

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2 Responses to October 20, 2014

  1. Charlotte says:

    Now IS the time! Here, now, is exactly where you are supposed to be. Sun squared my 8th house jupiter today: I learned about angels, being a healer and maintaining my own energy in my body. Aaand had a deep blowout with my dad. Natal chiron in the 10th opp 4th house moon, I didn’t feel wanted. Today I sorta confirmed my fathers feelings. I got what I needed from my mom and other maternal women. Ceres was involved. Although I think my natal ceres conjuncts natal lilith at 25 Cancer. Its a toss-up situation. I have found light and I’ll try to show him that.

    Natal Moon-conjunct uranus, I have heard landslide playing in a few places today. <–that sounds sadder than intended. I mean literally, the earth is always shifting, and my sag parts will adapt. "We're all molecules, cutie" – (sarah silverman) we're subatomic particles that vibrate fast enough to resemble something solid.

    Please share what you've learned if you can!

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