October 19, 2016






Between fight and flight
we may do both

Bright, harsh, and optimistic,
eager to drop the handle of the burning pot.

Security Issues

Precision vision, heartless, fair, and perhaps correct, as correct as you can be without a heart.

How will you use what you know?

detach, get clarity, move on.
Our commitment now is to success.

Busy day. Conflicts are to be expected.

Don’t be surprised if your innocence is repaid with abuse.

Self control is massive here,
if you fear you have little of it, keep your mouth sealed,
release your balled fists and use them to wave.

hello, goodbye, godspeed.

Mars and Pluto both at 15 degrees,
Mutable Grand Cross

The emotions and perspectives we arrive at today may shape our long term future.
Awake to detached understanding?
Commit to a plan?

A shift that suggests ambition, and highlights…. well let me ask you this?
Do you feel that you are, and that everyone around you is aging rapidly?

Love YOU!!!!



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2 Responses to October 19, 2016

  1. Sophie says:

    Is it us that is aging or the old road (Dylan). I feel like I’m dying yet more alive than ever. That’s not easy to hold. Also can’t get enough rest. So tired yet restless and electrified. I think I’m transmutating. Mars/Pluto exactly op. my natal Mars.Uranus exact on my Chiron 8th house. Feel like a butterfly pinned, or the pain of loosening and losing the cocoon. Horrible and wonderful. Half in, half out xoxo

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Sophie,
      Nice to hear from you!! That sounds excruciating, exhilarating, and enervating all in one. Chiron so often comes with that pinned feeling, right before some type of release. Sending love your way. xoxo

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