October 18 & beyond, 2013


Welcome to your Eclipse!

The Jupiter in Cabbage developments sure look big from here!

Generosity and passion are possible,
actually anything is possible with this sky, including progress!

Mars in Virgo,
he’s a worker bee!

Even with an active Neptune signature

Curious and curiouser !
I want to know how the plot develops!

What stays stuck? What gets shook free?
Going somewhere?

Who can watch that?! It’s too hard to watch!
Yeah, we all are going!

Use the energy this weekend!
The more you do, the more you done did.

An outlet is needed!

NGS Picture ID:1069260

Sometimes you just gotta get out!

Let’s count the rest of October and all of November
as one extended month of wild weather.

Mercury Retro in Scorpio begins on Monday,
Wednesday our balance tips. Goodbye Libra!
It’s the Scorpion Sun.

How are you handling your life with a snake?

November 1st is U square P exact,
Our New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio is the 3rd.
Venus in to Capricorn November 5th.
Mercury Direct November 10th: but expect the shadow zone to be real on this one!
Neptune Direct, the 13th.

Jupiter (retro November 7th) lends his blessing to an epic Scorpion pile up, throughout!
Ethics Much ?
To do things for the right reasons…
…by the time December rolls around… a whole other world!

Have a beautiful weekend!

Love YOU!!!


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