October 17, 2014

Have you had your lucky break?

What are you going to do with it?
Nothing comes without a price.

When you step out in to the world, you close the door behind you.
These are not clean victories, but celebrate none the less.
don’t wait, don’t hold your breath

Leo Moon touches Jupiter
Mercury kisses Venus, they stand close to the Sun.
North Node presiding.
No one could argue that the future is not here.

Keep moving.

The Moon is LEO into Virgo for the weekend.
You can’t please everyone.
Scorpio Saturn squares and then accepts.
By Monday a story has been told, Mercury hits the North Node @ 19 Libra,
are we through it?

Not yet, another week in the works…
Mercury Direct at 16 Libra on the 25th, post eclipse.

Love YOU!!!!


Muy Interesante!

*nice, right?!

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