October 16, 2012

Great shot Mr Schuman

I heart fashion. Is it funny that my fav fashion blog is Men’s Fashion???

I think it is funny. Street Etiquette Check out their inspiration page… SUCH GREAT ART and Images!

Today is a Tripped Out Scorpio Moon.

are you listening to the same song over and over?

Oh! Me me I AM!!!

This one that I posted the other day:

Saturn trine Neptune: what a trip!
It makes sense that I am kickin it to a song about Death and Salvation,
What could be more Scorpio than death and more Pisces than salvation ?

Saturn/Neptune topics:

Death and the Afterlife.

Time Travel

Disappearing Reality

Disappearing your Fears

Real Illusions

Fear of Dreams

Real Dreams, True Dreams, or Dreams that come True

Glamorous Life

Spiritual Life

“True” Fairy Tales

Being Sensitive to Harsh Reality

….and my fave…Life is a Dream…

You can use that Mars in Sagittarius… to get motivated today:
tell yourself a story, (philosophize) or just get some exercise.


I keep looking around to watch the landscape morph…

and thinking Saturn in Scorpio…. is this what it is like?

Yeah, It’s like this. laughing…

Love YOU!!!

p.s now offering Tarot Readings!

So fun! I LOVE IT! I’ll do a separate post later, but do hit me up if you want a Tarot reading!


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