October 14, 2013


October hangs in the balance.

October is the balance.

The scales will tip, as justice is made real.
Not all in one go, and not all with the morality we recognize.
Universal laws, do things universe style.

Still, Saturn is a player here, and his laws are ours.

Now Saturn moves into brand new territory.
Making History?
Yes Exactly.

Check back to these moments from last February,
Saturn is:

Here Again,

We Restructured

We have come this far.
This week we begin. (finally)

Mars in to Virgo tomorrow where he opposes Neptune.
I have a whole little trip on Mars/Neptune,
It’s one of my defining characteristics. ; )

The sky is not the same
as it was way back when, with Mars in Pisces.

This time we work the Opposition.
Who is the Dreamer, and who must handle the Details?

It’s YOU! You are them! lol.



It’s OUR Eclipse on Friday, let’s own it!

Some things will be broken right open.
The Sabian Symbols for The Aries Full Moon Eclipse:

Libra Sun
An Eagle And A Large White Dove Change Into Each Other

Aries Moon:
A Man Possessed Of More Gifts Than He Can Hold

These particular symbols are enchanting, and for me, awe inspiring.
Everyone is talking about them, because they are so good!
Now, do I mean good, positive? No, I don’t.

I mean they hold so much, and they offer so much.
Could it be something is going to change?!

The Eclipse deserves it’s own post, and I will write one!

The Moon slips over to Pisces before the day is done.
Jupiter Squares the Sun, and trines Venus.
Swim with the fish.


Watch out for the tail end of Mars in Leo,
defend your pride? Nah, skip it.
Do your best work.
Remember it’s all strategy from here on out.
for strategy to work, you have to know what you want,
and who you are dealing with.

It could be alright to lose it, you know,
especially if you already did… but only if it advances your cause. feel me?

Strength, integrity, self possession.
Trust your intuition all week long!

I’ll be writing about Mars in Virgo, and the Aries Full Moon Eclipse

Love YOU!!!


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