October 14, 2012

Situations are sticky. They don’t change quickly.
We keep waiting to be airlifted from this intolerable net of we have woven.
How far back do we have to keep answering for our actions?

Couldn’t there be a clean break ever? EVER?

No. No. Never.

Things are changing though, in the most painfully slow way imaginable.

It makes me think of biology. Of the endless biology we live through.

Saturn (human bodies and bones) Scorpio (reproduction, death and birth)

The sperm touches the egg.

Do we feel it in that moment?

Do we look different the next day…?

Oh but nine months later, give or take, we will be screaming or crying or simply wet with own blood and that of our new creation, and there will be no going back, as life begets life.

If you never had a baby, and never will have, you certainly were born,
and it is you: The Consequence

who went out into the world and set a new series of situations in motion.

Again again again

The consequences of our actions.

Saturn you Bitch.

You humorless insufferable bitch.

I watched these two: Megan Jean and the KFB, the other night, they were killing it!

Hot as hell!

Making us stronger. If we can stand where we are and face this day and the next….

It seems bitterly unfair that we have to move at the speed of our biology rather than the speed of our thoughts.

thank god for the plot twist… Always…wait for it wait for it….

Love YOU!!


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