October 13, 2014


Who has it, and for how long?

It’s a transitional moment if ever there was one.

Be open to your feelings.
Be open to how not in control you are.
No one has to or gets to control life.

Flux: a series of changes : continuous change,
also,: the rate of transfer of fluid, particles, or energy across a given surface.

The idea here is to keep your balance.
Don’t pin your star on anyone whose chest doesn’t rise when you breathe in.

Stay with yourself, & play fair with others.

It’s a partnership puzzle.
Stay grounded. Stay adult, (not like the song!)
Don’t try to solve it all in one go.

I always think of Lucius for Libra!
Those matching sets!

Love YOU!!!


Busy Bee….?
I bet. That Fire trine just keeping on…

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