October 11, 2013


That’s how it is.

What do you say?
Not much.
Or nothing that’s not carefully crafted.

Stay ahead of the game.
Think ahead, IN the game.

Can you be beaten ?

Both pragmatism and strategy are needed here.
Keep you game face together.
If you vent it’s privately and to friends.
gallows humor?

Is that much of a weekend?



Capricorn approves of dirty dancing.
as long as the room is dark enough and there are no spies.

old but good:


By Saturday/Sunday the moon is Aqua where she just can’t be bothered.
Where she is happy to watch clear-eyed.

don’t get got.

Lean on Venus in Sag. + Aqua Moon = LET IT GO.
Big Picture.

Azealia Banks! SUCH a Gemini! With a Capricorn Stellium!
Cap. Moon, Neptune,Uranus, Lilith, North Node.
Check her GEM eyes talking in the vid!!
Jupiter/Mars in LEO. Venus Chiron in Crab.
I’ve written about her way back when, but I can’t seem to find it to link.
No matter.

Let Azealia fill in to make an Air Trine for Saturday/Sunday.
+ Owls Much?!

Beaucoup Owl symbolism in the sky!
Psyche, and Persephone, up there with Venus in Sag.
Lilith in Crab trining the Scorpion pile up.
Pallas Athena in Leo, Square Scorpio Mercury =
Strategy and Courage must come together.
Don’t lose heart!

Keep Cool Kittens,

Love YOU!!!!!


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3 Responses to October 11, 2013

  1. Janet Kersey says:

    my god so amazingly darkly angrily (I am literally fuming from all orifices at the mo over something big that is endangering my quality of life) accurate and apt – so I will learn to vent and then cool, if that is what the heavens are saying. going into the underworld to break some bones, then grind them down – whose? not mine!

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Janet,

    Endangering your quality of life That’s no good!
    Right now, Strategy is the name of the game.
    What ever is long term effective: that’s how you want it to go down.
    It’s all about results, and clear thinking.
    Sometimes anger is supreme for clarity. Sometimes just the opposite.

    Best of luck getting sh*t sorted,
    and while you are down there, break some bones for me too.

  3. Janet Kersey says:

    will do – I see myself doing it with my teeth too! descent to the underworld ongoing methinks, with fire in one hand and my strategic map in the other – hard to see it in the flickering light as I am also shaking with so much fury (at authoritative bodies/peeps) BUT I know, clarity and the long-haul – keep that light burning – are what have to matter. And walk like a fox…..

    Thanx! x

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