October 11, 2012

Once upon a time, this photo was shocking. It was scandalous, It was the new sexy.

I’m not kidding!

This model posed, rather suggestively, (for the time) in this long slinky dress.
I’m serious. It was a fashion shoot. I think the scandal was supposed to be that
she looked as if she were waiting for a man!
Yes, in the Park! A single woman unattended!

We can never really know what we are up to.
We can never see the time we are in.

A true story: has such a thing ever existed?
Neptune is active today, and the Moon is waning.

Take it easy, rest up where you can…

Not completely realistic, as Mars in Sagittarius says GO!
Venus in Virgo wants maximum efficiency, but
that can just mean that all your beauty/daily routine/fitness goals are met.
Relax when and where you can…

New Moon in Libra on Monday.
I’m really looking forward to it!
The Moon goes on to conjunct Saturn in Scorpio shortly after.
There is genuine deep emotional content here.
Pay attention to your psychology with whatev comes up on Monday,
but we will talk more about that later.

It’s getting cooler here in North America, and darker as well.

No matter where you are right now,
astro-wise the temp is dropping…
It’s the Scorpio coming on.

Autumn – Adam Zagajewski
translated by Renata Gorczynski

Autumn is always too early.
The peonies are still blooming, bees
are still working out ideal states,
and the cold bayonets of autumn
suddenly glint in the fields and the wind

What is its origin? Why should it destroy
dreams, arbors, memories?
The alien enters the hushed woods,
anger advancing, insinuating plague;
woodsmoke, the raucous howls
of Tatars.

Autumn rips away leaves, names,
fruit, it covers the borders and paths,
extinguishes lamps and tapers; young
autumn, lips purpled, embraces
mortal creatures, stealing
their existence.

Sap flows, sacrificed blood,
wine, oil, wild rivers,
yellow rivers swollen with corpses,
the curse flowing on: mud, lava, avalanche,

Breathless autumn, racing, blue
knives glinting in her glance.
She scythes names like herbs with her keen
sickle, merciless in her blaze
and her breath. Anonymous letter, terror,
Red Army.

Amazing poem, right?

and something from the incomparable Alice Coltrane

Love YOU!!!


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  1. Tam says:

    Love Alice Coltrane! I would rather listen to her than her husband. ::gasp::

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