October 10, 2013


Capricorn Moon today,
Venus Square Neptune too. It’s a hell of a drop.
The distance between dreams and reality.

Can you see how far away the goals are, and keep working toward them regardless?
Is it just too much?

Separate things out?
Accomplish ordinary tasks and dream endlessly?

There is limitless rage in here somewhere,
it goes hand in hand with hopelessness and resignation.

or worse than hopeless, that little whisper…


a spark to snuff out, or feed with air and tinder…
is there any place here for hope, for blossoms of flame?

How much authority do you have over your own life?
What kind of a deal are you being handed?
What kind of a non-deal are you being non-handed?

Under the radar,
Eyes open,
letting it all stream past, and your poor little rock of a heart.


Ever the pragmatist, having faith in your dreams, keeping your heart open to
possibility, to big love. Crossing hurdles deliberately, one at a time.

Love YOU!!!


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