Now Now Now


New Moon in Gemini. Technically this is that “Blue Moon” that people talk about.

We just had a New Moon in Gem. and here we are again.

The focus in the sky points to the work of getting your communications right,

particularly, with those you love.

A New Moon is when you plant the seeds of what you want to grow.

Write your truest hopes and plant them like a seed in your heart

Acknowledge that those hopes may need a little LOVE to grow

and allow it is possible that they will get it.

Use today as a way to open your heart to what you need, and what you need to say.

This doesn’t mean you say it today

It doesn’t mean communications will go well

It means you are legit and will find a way to bring your true self into the conversation.

People are tweaking, and they are not done tweaking by a long shot.

The Sun moves in to Cancer this week,

the Uranus Pluto square is exact this weekend

Mercury Squares Saturn,

Venus and Saturn are Slowing down, and preparing to turn direct

….and Oh Man! Will Venus and Saturn sho nuff begin finalizing your realities the first half of next week? …..ummmm yes yes they will!
Combine that with Uranus Pluto, and it’s one hell of a dinner party.

Here we are in the 2012 we were all promised.
It’s quite a time!

Don’t forget, as the old saying goes, to BE HERE NOW

Now is the only time. You’re not dead yet, the story has not fully been written.




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