Novemeber 22, 2012

A long road to the sun.

An aikido instructor once described to me a test he took for promotion to the next level. Unbeknownst to him at the time, one-third of the test was determined by how he entered the hall and sat down before his name was even called. What the masters were looking for was whether the student was already in a continuous flow entering the hall, or whether he regarded the test as a separate point at which to turn on and impress the teachers.- Philip Toshio Sudo

Being and doing as indivisible. Trusting that you are your best ally.
Oh, that means being your own best ally.
That means not being afraid.

Not afraid of anything, is that possible?

I am at my most generous when I am unafraid.

If you are in the USA it’s Turkey Day.

That means giving thanks.

So grateful I can’t know how the story ends.
So grateful I can be surprised
So grateful for every chance to do right

So grateful I can feel love

Thanks for reading.




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