November 9, 2012

Happy Friday!!! Over the weekend Here Goes NEPTOOOOOOOON! Er, Neptune.

Here it goes!

YAY! Neptune in Pisces, doing what Neptune does best. I’m all about it.
No don’t delude yourself. Not that. The other part… The Magic!
Things turning out, well, the mysterious way they do…Compassion. Understanding, Forgiveness, Altruism, Mystical Connection, Inspiration, Art.

If you can balance your Neptune with Saturn, you got a beautiful thing going…

For this weekend: Chatty,

Conflicted moods,

Could be some of this:

I feel like that way, way more than is reasonable… Le sigh

The Moon moves into social Libra over the course of the weekend,
and with Retro Merc in Sagittarius and Mars in Sag. too,
ruled by Retro Jupiter in Gemini,
You have to wonder just what is luck?!
It’s like that fortunately unfortunately game:

Fortunately I was flying to Hawai,
Unfortunately the plane crashed.
Fortunately I survived.
Unfortunately I landed in a sea surrounded by sharks!
Fortunately I am a shark-charmer (shut up!)
Unfortunately I was still miles from land…

you know the drill…

Bounce along as best you can.
Some foot in mouth is bound to occur
Sagittarius may be pompous, blunt or blurty,
but it is also casual, entertaining, and fun!

Streamlining, clearing out, and getting our lives into focus for the Scorpio Eclipse is still in order. No reason you can’t do both.

Do check out where it The Eclipse falls in your chart so you can set your intention/be available/be expecting energy on Tuesday.

Check out Hindi Zahara! She sounds a little like Madeleine Peyroux but extra sexy… take a listen and try try again….



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