November 8, 2013


Is that a good thing… or?

Capricorn Moon!

Aquarius by Saturday
Mercury ready to Turn.

Messages are sent and received…
some ordinary, some cray-cray,
and some won’t show until Monday.

Everything is kinda brutal, with a surreal gloss over the top.
The Bottom Line is the flavor of the month,
but you’re not seeing things, the landscape does keep morphing.

The concision in these autobiographies tres Capricorn <3 Stay on your game. Cap. Moon is an accomplishment junkie. Don't expect anyone to do it for you. If you want your biz taken care of, you'd better handle it yourself. Respond on your own terms, you can't stop peeps from rigging the game, but you don't have to follow their paradigm.
Honesty + Strategy. Keep on it.

Have a Beautiful Weekend!

and if you need to take 5 with a sentimental song,
take a listen:


Love YOU!!!


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