November 7th 2012

Is Edward Sissorhands cursed or blessed by the God Mercury?

Do you suppose he has Gemini Venus Conjunct Mars and Mercury, all Square Saturn? Trined maybe by Neptune in Aqua? Is he a Leo rising, that hair?! Artistic beauty loving Libra Moon, and maybe a 6th house Capricorn Sun…. he is a sort of servant throughout, that old house he is found in, tirelessly transforming shrubs into statues..? Reticent, and loyal..?


Coincidently I just looked up Johnny Depp who plays Edward, and he of course is a Gemini Sun. He happens to have Venus and Mercury conjunct, in Taurus though, and Leo Rising, natch, and uhhhh, a Capricorn Moon. Made to play the part.

In keeping with Scorpio Season, and Saturn (structure) in Scorpio, (depth), I’ve been thinking of the underpinnings of Astrology, the Gods who the planets represent.

The temperaments and temptations of the old Gods, their penchants and follies, those they favored and why… Do you suppose it’s possible to please the old Gods who cursed or blessed your horoscope?

Like in a past life if you were rather bold, and carelessly offended Aries so that this time around he gave you a 12th house Mars?

Could you now appeal to the God Aries by becoming an athletic (mars) yoga (12 house) master?

It’s funny to think of of anyway…
Sometimes an intuitive dreamy Mars is just what you need…

Eric Dolpy was an 8th house Gemini Sun and Venus.
Scorpio rising, Leo Moon. Depth, heart, agility,(he played quite a few instruments) and with an innovative Aries Mars trine dreamy Neptune in Leo on the mid-heaven and Uranus in Aries to boot! One of the things he does that I love, is to play little snippets of other songs right in the middle of his songs… I think that’s the Gemini!

Love You!!!


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