November 7, 2013


Scorpio Sun/Saturn
Capricorn Moon/Pluto

Mars and Chiron each friends with the Sun and Moon,
while they oppose each other.
Uranus pulls the chair out from under.
Venus smiles at Neptune.

It’s a long dark wait for the light to change,
for Merc and Neptune direct.

Some delusional communiques are possible, even likely.

Work with the core of whatever you are up to.
It’s not a superficial day.


I read this lovely essay for Rolling Stone,
about Lou Reed, by Laurie Anderson this morning.

I love Laurie Anderson, and for some reason I had never looked at her astro.
She’s a Gemini with Uranus conjunct the Sun of course.
Laurie’s North Node is in Gemini too.
Capricorn Moon opposition Mercury in Crab to sing about her Mom.
(Plus, Capricorn Moons and their moms! Hi Mom says Laurie!)
How like a Cap. Moon to sing about Mom as Country
with petrochemical/military arms.
Laurie has Venus and Mars in Taurus. Jupiter in Scorpio.

O Superman was the song that made her ultra famous,
but she has so many good ones.

It’s nice to think of Lou and Laurie together,
a Gemini and a Pisces,
Virgo, and Cap. Moons,
both with lots of Taurus.
His Jupiter in Gemini + Venus/Mercury in Aquarius
to adore her Uranian Gemini Sun.

Love YOU!!!


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