November 6, 2012

The Sun is in Scorpio and the Moon in LEO!

My son started the morning talking about an imaginary,
Heavy Metal Chamber Music group.

How LEO/Scorpio is that?!?!

“When Classical meets Metal, it’s CHAMBER OF DEATH!

I think that’s the name of an actual Metal group, but they are totally missing out on violas and woodwinds. My daughter countered with rival group
THE HIGH CHAMBERLAIN“. You have to admit, it has a certain ring…

She does an excellent creepy “DIE DIE DIE” voice…

Children(Leo) and Metal Music (Scorpio)

Have fun today, it’s Drama Rich out there, but perhaps you will enjoy it!

makes me smile <3

and on the realz

I first saw this vid on the site of the amazing astrologer Sanja Peric
not quite chamber music, but sort of awesome all the same!


*Anna Karina, pictured up top is no Scorp, (total Virgo power) but she does have Venus/Pluto in Leo in the 5th)


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  1. Astrocat says:

    … now u r speaking my language …

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