Venus in Capricorn 2013-2014


The Sun is chasing Saturn, He’s going to catch up on Wednesday,
As Jupiter Stations Retrograde.
Sun Saturn rendezvous at 14 degrees Scorpio… how unromantic!
It actually IS a bit romantic,
Moon/Jupiter and Sun/Saturn deep commitments and big feelings/big dreams


Tuesday, Venus is leaps out of Sagittarius,
gets properly dressed, perhaps like a banker,
with love in her eyes and fear in her heart,
Venus calmly walks into her job in Capricorn.

It’s a nice place, corner office with at least two windows,
or it should be! It will be!

It’s actually quite ordinary,
but Venus feels by rights she ought to have that corner office.
What must she do to get it?
Or maybe poor sweet Venus is even down in the basement :::shudders:::
and hasn’t yet dared to mention that mildew gives her hives.

Venus always deals in value.
In Capricorn she is serious. Enduring love. Quality.


Working Girl?

Could be.
Humble and true, or calculating by nature?
It’s the duality of Capricorn.
They WILL get where they are going.

Given the rest of the sky,
and our Eclipses on the Taurus/Scorpio (money/passion) axis
Monetary considerations will be prevalent.

Saturn/Pluto mutual reception increases the alchemy for Venus in Bossypants.
It’s a deep transit.There is a reason Cap. is the goatfish, they can go anywhere,
overcome any obstacle. The highest point in the chart. Achievement.

Would you like to make art your business?

Even so, Venus here has a chance to kick off her shoes,
let her hair down and dance with the secretary after hours… eventually.
Lust occasionally triumphs for our power Venus…
just every thousand years or so… maybe once during our transit…

Venus stays in Cap. until March 5th!

First let her make an impression,
the right impression.

Relationships with an age difference or
a power imbalance are a speciality of Capricorn Venus,
she may actually like being younger and adore older men.
Or perhaps she wants a different power, to be wise and full of experience herself.

Venus retrogrades December 21 through January 31.
I won’t lie, I don’t care for Venus retrogrades.
Rethinking your heart? Ouch! Of course it must be done from time to time.
It does sometimes bring back lost loves,
and certainly here will bend your arm to finish unfinished biz.

Venus in Capricorn is both strategic and practical,
but once you are all in, deeply sincere.
Independent? Yes. Open and trusting…. em, no.

Venus will meet with Pluto and be opposed by Jupiter,
January 27th through February 8th, both at Once!
While Uranus T-Squares! Yes. He. Do. (!!!)

Care to get deep and innovate tradition?
Well we had better.

Cancer/Capricorn that’s the family axis
Mom and Dad, Home and Work

On a basic level, this transit of Venus, supports all Cardinal Signs really deeply.
(+ every earth and water sign)
Face it, Cardinal signs need the support!

What with being stretched, and pulled, and pummeled, and thwarted, and squashed, and trampled and trounced. What with being made to stand in a corner with bricks on their head, wander lonely valleys and city streets, and run around the house a hundred and eighty million times, with having to have faith, fight dragons and idiots, be bold, stealthy, and clever. The Cardinal Achievers could use someone on Team Cosmic Revolution, someone pretty who knows how to charm, and disarm the enemy. Someone who softens the dialog, yet remains capable, loyal, and true, someone who never forgets the bottom line, and sees the value of a long term investment.

Venus in Capricorn is EXACTLY who we need to help us with the long term changes we are making.
Thanks SKY!!!

Por todo el mundo what we begin in 2013/2014,
plays out for 19 years. True Story.

Love YOU!!!!


*pic by the incomparable Sartorialist

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  1. Hanibal says:

    Hey Omy! Where’s the sagittarius moon booty? (j/k) I feel bad about only commenting on saggie moon… Just in case…I must say I read your blog EVERY day!!! It’s super-FABulous!!! Thanks for sharing so much!

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Hanibal,

    Thanks for writing!!! What a sweet thing to say!
    I added some booty to the blog today just for you. : ) lolz
    and thanks for saying thank you. <3 xox

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